Game Over: a Gamer’s Heaven

Hello, readers! It’s your friendly neighborhood Dragon giving you a glimpse of a great place to shop for all your gaming needs! Is this a plug?

Story by Jason “Dragon” Stevens

The store has everything from Atari to Wii U games and consoles, as well as a ton of other merchandise related to your favorite games. Where is this majestic Mecca of gaming I so sweetly speak of? The title takes the phrase we dread, but gives it a new twist: GAME OVER Video Games!

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Game Over Video Games started in 2005 at the owners desire to “create a HUGE oasis in the video game retail world,” according to its official website. They wanted a place where gamers could come to buy, sell, repair and clean their games and game stations. Since then they have expanded and now have several locations. Nine, in fact, all over Texas with two in Austin.

From the moment you walk in, you can feel it. Hundreds of fond memories boiling up from the inside of your nostalgic brain pan. I visited Game Over Video Games’s first store, located on West Anderson Lane.

I tell you folks, I was giddy as a child when I stepped in. The clerks were quick to greet me, and they explained how the shop is set up: Chronologically sorted games and game stations are set up in cases and racks from left to right around the store. You can literally take a journey through the entire history of gaming since its dawn, and it’s all for sale at its correct value, which for some of the games (namely mint condition and rare games), can get a bit expensive–an unopened copy of Pokemon goes for over two hundred dollars! But don’t you fret, little gamers! The majority of their stock is quite fairly priced.

I walked around and saw games I loved, games I couldn’t stand, and games I’d never tried. They had controllers and cables to replace for your systems, and the systems themselves if you need them (I quietly coveted a Pokemon themed N64). But as though that wasn’t enough, Game Over Video Games has a small museum in the back with an arcade machine you can play for free with a dozen different classic games on it. You can look upon the majesty of the Gamer Glove and cringe in horror at the copy of The Wizard displayed right next to it. Note, though, my eager players, this museum is only in their original store.

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Perhaps you’re new to the gaming scene, but want to really sink your teeth into it and aren’t sure where to start. Don’t worry, the clerks have your back. They are knowledgeable and diverse in their tastes, and what they don’t know–which isn’t too much–they will look up for you on the spot. They’ll make suggestions for you and lead you around to find exactly what you didn’t know you wanted.

For instance, I had a conversation with them about the various Guitar Hero spin offs, one in particular wherein you could plug-in an actual guitar to play, and they brought to my attention a variation where you kill zombies by playing the guitar!

The worst part of this store is its out-of-the-way location, off of 183 Hwy at Lamar Boulevard and the fact they aren’t open at all hours of the night (but I suppose the clerks need to sleep and stuff, so that’s not so bad).

This place is a gamer Mecca; every gamer, new or experienced, should pay it a visit at least once. If you’re still unconvinced by my description, then visit the store at any of their locations–see details on their website, and make your own opinion of the place. They’ll be happy to have you there, whether you purchase something or not, but you’ll find it hard not to.


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