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The Art of Day-Drinking

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Maybe you want a beer at 11 a.m. Or maybe you’d prefer a daytime date that isn’t coffee or lunch. The good news is that Austin’s got you covered, no matter what time you want to toss one back. Whatever the occasion, there’s probably a place nearby that serves alcohol before 4 p.m. I tried several midday hot spots and came up with the best places to day drink in Austin. These places also serve food for the fairly tipsy, and are accommodating to lingerers with nowhere to be.

1. Easy Tiger
The beer garden here opens at 11 a.m., giving you the perfect head start to beat the lunch crowd. Easy tiger serves homemade sausage, pastries, and artisan sandwiches, the perfect compliment to their specialty cocktails or draft beers. Try the Harris Tweed; it is a rosemary cocktail that is neither too sweet nor too bitter.

2. Rio Rita’s
If you’re into mixed drinks, make sure to try one of their numerous infused beverages The Rio Royale, featuring vanilla ­infused vodka and champagne, is especially delightful. For the brunch crowd, there are jalapeño ­infused Bloody Marys and a wide variety of wines and beers. One great perk about Rita’s: their food is fantastic. If you’re hungry, chow down on some pizza from East Side Pies for only $3.50 per slice.

3. Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden
This spot on Rainey Street serves beer that even people who dislike beer can enjoy. I once savored a beer that tasted like champagne. This place is fantastic by night, but also serves as an excellent daytime haunt for those who wish to begin their drinking before the 9-­5 crowd frees up. Perhaps the most enticing part about this spot is that they boast the largest selection of beers in Austin.

4. The ABGB
This place is a bit out of the way on West Oltorf, though well worth the trek down south. Their on ­tap beers are eclectic and always changes, so you’re going to want to come back to see what’s new. Their food includes such delicacies as a fig pesto sandwich, or a habanero­ bacon chocolate chip cookie. Their goat cheese stuffed peppadews are the ideal mid-­afternoon snack.

Wherever you choose to drink during the day, it should be a spot where you can relax and enjoy the afternoon without the pressure of a night out. If you’re celebrating, or even mourning, these hot spots are right there with you, no matter what time of day you come knocking.

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