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Josh Wolf Makes Austin Howl

Known for appearing on the roundtable for Chelsea Handler’s “Chelsea Lately,” Josh Wolf’s career is skyrocketing. He has hosted Discovery Channel’s “Shark After Dark” twice, currently headlining his own comedy tour and became a best selling author after publishing “It Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions from an Unprepared Single Dad.”

This past weekend, Wolf had a few shows at the Cap City Comedy Club in Austin with opener and fellow roundtable mate, Jeff “Jiffy” Wild. For those who are “Chelsea Lately” fans, know that these two together only equals trouble and laughter. I left their show Friday night with a tomato red face and sore cheeks from laughing too much.

Wild (L) and Wolf (R) shared this photo on the band's Twitter page to promote a music video. Photo credit to
Wild (L) and Wolf (R) shared this photo on the band’s Twitter page to promote a music video. Photo credit to

Coming into the show, one must know that Wolf is brutally honest. Wolf makes fun of races and lifestyles by using society’s stereotypes. Yes, it can be insulting. Is it true? Sometimes. Does he mean it seriously? No. Unlike many other comedians, Wolf doesn’t rant about the flaws of different races and lifestyles. He just playfully mocks them, knowing that we don’t take him seriously enough to be insulted.

Wolf’s stand up will make any audience member roll on the floor laughing. Don’t believe me? I had to run to the bathroom after a joke because I thought I was going to wet myself. I wasn’t the only one who had the same idea.

Another reason why the audience was laughing so hard to the point of crying could be due to Wolf’s crazy stories about bachelor parties, drugs and alcohol. Even though the audience acted like they knew exactly what Wolf was talking about, I highly doubt they have had similar experiences. Yet, Wolf’s storytelling technique will make any audience member feel like they are there with him at the time of the story.

Half of Wolf’s show was stand up and the other half was a comedic music show with Wild. Wolf and Wild have a comedic musical band called the ‘The Wild and Wolf Band.” In one of the last musical comedic performances, Wolf and Wild sang a song that was hilarious, but insulting for those who take the comedians seriously.

What made this comedic performance memorable was that no one in the room knew to not take Wolf seriously, even while mocking race and lifestyle stereotypes. Don’t believe me? Wolf talked about how “Juan” cleans the house and mows the lawn, which is an obvious stab at Mexicans. As a Hispanic woman, I found this clip to be quite humorous. Yes, it’s insulting to my people, but Wolf insulted himself by saying how “white guys” wear socks with sandals. That’s not any different from when George Lopez makes fun of his own people or when Gabriel Iglesias makes fun of the stereotype that all cops like donuts.

The best part of the night has to be when ‘The Wild Wolf Band’ sang a song about the city of Austin. There cannot be any other song in the world that is more accurate than their song. They talked about how Austin is always humid, how awful Austin traffic is and cited how it took two hours to travel fifteen miles and how bad I-35 is constructed. Heck, they perfectly described how we all feel about I-35, but for the sake of this review, I will keep it PG.

I’ve seen Wolf do stand up previously, but this show was the definition of the perfect stand up show. He was very interactive with the audience, made pop culture references that everyone in his audience could understand, mocked his own lifestyle and most importantly, he didn’t take himself too seriously.

If you ever get the chance to see him or “The Wild Wolf Band” perform, buy tickets. I highly recommend this show because you will leave with your stomach hurting from all the laughter. Warning: This show is not the faint of heart.

Josh Wolf is singing his own version of 'Happy Birthday' to a fan as Jeff "Jiffy" Wild plays his guitar.
Josh Wolf is singing his own version of ‘Happy Birthday’ to a fan as Jeff “Jiffy” Wild plays his guitar.

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