20 Things “Friends” taught me NOT to do

My favorite show and I have something in common: we both both turned twenty this year.

“Friends” celebrated its big day on Sept. 22, and while I wasn’t able to go to the pop-up Central Perk in New York City (which opened on Sept. 17 and will stay until Oct. 18), I did have plenty of time to think about what my “Friends” had taught me.

Story by Shadan Larki

In 238 episodes, and 10 ground-breaking seasons, “Friends” taught me about love, loss and what it was like to be a twenty-something trying to find your way in the world. Yes, at times my friends were quite inspiring, but other times? They were just plain stupid.

Here are just some of the things Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross taught me NOT to do.

20. Shave my head on a whim.

Photo via friends.wikia.com

Photo via friends.wikia.com

19. Lose my best friend’s baby on a bus.

18. Schedule my classes impossibly close together.

17. Work somewhere that requires bodily enhancements.

Gif via viralious.com

Gif via viralious.com

16. Promise a friend I can eat a whole turkey.

15. Say the wrong name at the altar (and get married anyway).

14. Lie on a resume.

13. Keep a big secret from my friends.

12. Mix late nights, wedding invitations and wine.

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

11. Hook up with a friend’s sibling (and forget about it).

10. Ask to share food on a first date.

Gif via headoverfeels

Gif via headoverfeels

9. Wage my apartment on a bet.

8. Fall asleep at the beach.

Gif via Entertainment.ie

Gif via Entertainment.ie

7. Get cornrows on vacation.

6. Date someone I have nothing in common with.

5. Give up on my dreams.

4. Underestimate the power of a great cup of coffee.

3. Hook up with someone while ON A BREAK.

Photo via friends.wikia.com

Photo via friends.wikia.com

2. Ignore how I feel about someone.

Photo via yummygraphics.com

Photo via yummygraphics.com

If only they had been honest…the show would’ve been three seasons long.

1. Forget about my friends.

Photo via revistaojo.com/

Photo via revistaojo.com/

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