Students Bring Euphoria to the University of Texas at Austin

“Juniors Natalie Lopez and Paul Trinidad enjoy each other’s company as they plan their upcoming meeting.” Photo by: John Solis
Juniors Natalie Lopez and Paul Trinidad enjoy each other’s company as they plan their upcoming meeting. Photo by John Solis.

Longtime friends Natalie Lopez and Paul Trinidad have always shared a deep passion for music and a desire to share it with the world.

It was this desire that led them to form a new organization at the University of Texas at Austin called Euphoria. Through this new club, Lopez and Trinidad aim to bridge the gap between student from the UT and the live local music scene.

Story by John Solis

The idea came after the two left a board meeting during the 2014 spring semester. They came to the conclusion that no club at UT offers students a chance to experience local musicians. Lopez and Trinidad collaborated over the summer to form a new organization that catered to this.

The organization has overcome many hurdles in its short life.

“There’s a challenge every day, but we’re doing it,” said Lopez.

One of the hurdles was distance, Lopez was studying abroad while Trinidad was here in Texas. They overcame this by using FaceTime and emails.

They also had to contact the bands themselves and book them for a performance at UT. Lopez and Trinidad networked with local musicians and professionals weeks in advance to book their shows and meetings.

The first meeting that took place on Sept. 16 at the Sanchez building on campus was nothing short of a huge success. The two made a list over the summer of bands they wanted to play at their fall kick-off meeting. They narrowed it down to Sons of Santos who was exactly what they were looking for, passionate, real and local.

“The band set the tone, [they’re] real and genuine,” Lopez said.

Each week they look for local bands who are passionate about their work and willing to give back a little of their time to the organization. Lopez and Trinidad have big plans for the organization and its future.

“Everything we do is about the experience,” stated Trinidad.

They try to make each meeting different and more welcoming than the last.

“[We] welcome anyone who is interested,” said Lopez.

Meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Sanchez building. Membership starts at $25 per semester or $40 for the year. Paid members get access to a shirt each semester. Lopez and Trinidad encourage anyone who is interested in the live music scene to come out and be part of the experience.

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