5 things to get your heart “racing” for “The Flash”

You’ve been waiting for this night. That’s right: the CW’s “Arrow” spin-off show, “The Flash,” premieres tonight. After the dishing that the super-villain Weather Wizard actor Chad Rook gave during a panel at Wizard World Comic Con this past weekend, there is a lot to be excited for.

"The Flash," the much-anticipated "Arrow" spinoff, premieres tonight on The CW at 7 p.m. central time. Photo courtesy of,
“The Flash,” the much-anticipated “Arrow” spinoff, premieres tonight on The CW at 7 p.m. central time. Photo courtesy of

They Know You Have Seen the Pilot

First things first, if you saw the pilot after it leaked a couple of months ago, then there is still a reason to tune in. According to Rook, the pilot will be changed around and three extra minutes of footage will be added to the official premiere episode. So if you saw it and you loved it, come back for a little more. And if you hate what you have seen so far, maybe this will be the most heart-winning three minutes of television to ever exist.

They are Bringing the Bad

Get the edge of your seat polished and ready. The Wizard Weather is just the first of a slew of villains that will show up in the first few episode of the season. The goal is get a bunch of them out there early and then spend the rest of the season exploring their origin stories. It is part of a balancing act. According to Rook, the writers wanted to give the show its best shot at taking-off quickly by introducing the excitement right out of the gates, but still making sure to find a way for viewers to connect to the characters later on. It look like it will not be all “flash” and no substance.

Go Easter Egg Hunting

The writers are hoping it will pay off. Rook said the pilot episode is littered with Easter eggs for Flash and DC fans. If the show kicks off in the right direction, those might be some plotlines the writers are willing to explore. If you have seen the pilot already, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then bless your angelic soul for holding out until the premiere. But on a completely un-Flash-related subject: aren’t gorillas just the coolest animals?

Comic Book Crossover

The pilot may not be the only chance we get to see “Arrow” stars. The Starling City/Central City rail line is open for sharing heroes and maybe even villains. That could pave the way for Arrow to get actual superpowers. Rook said he personally hopes the Wizard Weather will get the chance to fight Arrow. That conversation went something like “Arrow is all, ’There’s only room in this town for one green man,’ Give me a break!” Not that Rook was allowed to officially comment on whether or not his character will be returning. But let’s just say, he basically said that.

Small Screen, Big Plans

Don’t expect to see any movie tie-ins anytime soon. Rook talked about the awkward transition between television and film that many stories suffer. They are superheroes after all, but Rook says movies can make characters a little larger than life and sticking to television will keep it true to the characters’ development. Since the Flash team is taking a realistic approach to the show, our fix will be limited to Tuesday nights for some time. If you had your heart set on seeing Grant Gustin parading in spandex on a full 50-foot screen, you may have to get creative with a video projector and a very large wall.

“The Flash” premieres tonight, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. central time.

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