Unofficial Lifehacks: 5 tips to dropkick boredom

This is the first post in our Social Media Manager’s blog, Unofficial Lifehacks.

Maxine Unofficial Lifehacks BOREDOM 2
Shuffle’s Social Media Manager Maxine Forcey photographs a guy riding his unicycle on a rooftop of a neighboring building. Photo by Maxine Forcey.


That is the focal point of our lives right now. You and I are out here struggling to get an education, while simultaneously living up to our parents’ expectations, managing relationships, juggling extracurricular activities, turning up and “letting the top down to let our hair blow.” It can really be a lot sometimes, but luckily it’s 2014 and I live in Austin, Texas and I don’t have Ebola yet.

I still get hella bored though.

How can you possibly be bored with your life, you say? You have all these classes, a job, an internship, all these clubs and dance teams, two crazy best friends and a long distance relationship to keep you occupied. Girl, count your blessings and move on.

While I do feel a bit guilty for being bored sometimes (because I do happen to be extremely fortunate and blessed), the truth of the matter is that when you do the same thing every single day  life starts to become so unexciting, so bland, so neutral.

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In this black-and-white still, Forcey and her boyfriend pose for the camera. Photo courtesy of Maxine Forcey.

I’m a firm believer that life is about love and happiness (in the words of Al Green). And you can’t be happy AND bored. So recently, I’ve started an initiative to get more out of my life. Often we are focused on the destination and not the journey.  Sure, we’ll all graduate and become middle-class Americans with mediocre jobs but is it really worth it if you’re unhappy? Nah, bro. I don’t wanna wake up everyday dreading all the mindless tasks ahead of me. I wanna wake up and do the schmoney dance and feel free and excited about the day ahead of me, So here are the measures I’ve taken to combat my own boredom, hopefully they’ll help you too! I’m on my way.

Forcey purchased a brand new film camera. Photo by Maxine Forcey.
Forcey purchased a brand new film camera. Photo by Maxine Forcey.
  1. Listen to happy music. I start my day with either 70’s funk, twerk music I can dance to in the shower, some Florence or–if I’m feeling “new black”–some Gambino (new mixtape dropped last week yahhh). Music has the power to change your mood completely, so starting your day happy and hype makes a huge difference in your attitude.
  2. Learn some new skills. Something fun, of course. I recently purchased a film camera and signed up for swing dancing lessons. This should be interesting…
  3. Take pictures of things that aren’t selfies. Or your sorority. Or your bae. Or your bff. Or your cat. *nobody cares* There are plenty of pretty people in the world with iPhones and millions of filters to enhance their selfies before adding an irrelevant captions to them. Find something actually interesting that you can appreciate later and use #nofilter on. Encouraging creativity and deep thought is always a plus. This is something I need to work on.
  4. Unplug. I feel like technology only encourages boredom. While this one is quite obvious, we often don’t realize how over stimulated we are. There is media coming at our heads 24/7. It’s good sometimes to just look out a window and be one with your own thoughts. For me, I was just more bored at first. But taking that time to reflect on myself and life, work on my projects, and  think about something stupid my best friend  said yesterday has proven to be a positive occupation of my time.
  5. Reach out. Call your grandma. Text your dad. We often neglect the people that love us most, and it sounds bad but when your bored its a good idea to use this time to let the people in your life know that you are still alive and that you love them and that you care about them. I find that talking to my grandma often gives me a pep in my step and a new outlook on my day. It’s actually pretty great! Sometimes its good to just talk. *sigh*

Random thoughts: song of the day- “Brand New” x Pharrell ft. JT, and this Austin weather is today. I’m ‘bout to go catch some butterflies.

Much love,


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