Why You Should Be Excited About “The Evil Within”

With Halloween soon creeping upon us, there are only a few things us gamers truly care about. That’s right, discounted candy and, of course, horror games!

Now in my opinion, horror games are one of the best genres of games out there! I mean seriously, just think about it! What other types of games can get people so engrossed that they a) scream like a girl, b) jump out of their seats, and c) pee in their own pants? Cause other than League of Legends, I sure can’t think of any.

But lately, I feel like there has been a huge problem with the horror game industry as there has been a severe lack of “horror” in these so called horror games. Now at this point some of you guys are probably like “Brian what are you talking about? Did you forget about such games like Dead Rising 3, Resident Evil *Blank* and etc.?” Now don’t get me wrong disgruntled voices in my head, while those games technically do count as “horror” games, if I can duct tape chainsaws onto a paddle and “row” myself through thousands of zombies, the true horror here will be trying to force myself to stay awake while I play these games. This is exactly why I am here to talk about Bethesda’s new title, The Evil Within, and why if you consider yourself a true gamer you should be excited about this game!
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The Evil Within (or otherwise known as Psycho Break in Japan) is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Tango Gameworks and is being released by Bethesda Softworks for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Now if being a game released by Bethesda isn’t enough to get you excited, then hopefully the name of the Shinji Mikami will get you. That’s right Shinji ****ing Mikami will be directing this game, and for those who have been living under a rock and don’t know the name, for shame! Now with jokes aside, the reason why we should all be excited about Mr. Mikami-Sama directing the game is because this is the genius who has brought us countless Capcom classics like Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry, Ace Attorney, and most importantly Resident Evil 4! (And if you haven’t played any of those games, what are you doing?! Logoff your computer, go to the nearest store, play these games, cry because of the all the time you wasted in the past for not playing these games, and then come back to read the rest of the article. Seriously go! I’ll wait for you until you get back. Okay good? Then let us continue!)


The player will control Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective investigating the scene of a gruesome mass murder until while on duty he encounters a mysterious and powerful force. After witnessing the mysterious force slaughtering his fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious and upon waking up, the player will find themselves in a deranged world where grotesque creatures wander among the dead in an attempt to get at Sebastian. Facing even more horrifying and unimaginable terror that players can’t even think of in these messed-up and warped worlds, Sebastian will have to fight for his survival in an attempt to unravel what is truly behind this evil force.

Now the developers have refused to release any more details relating to the plot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. By being so tight lipped, I feel like it is actually adding more to the overall suspense of the game. I believe that the idea here is that the story is meant to be a mystery, and that as a detective in the game, it is our duty to unravel the mystery for ourselves.


The game is to be played from a third-person perspective (similar to the modern Resident Evil series) in which scavenging for limited amounts of supplies and learning when you should run or fight are key to surviving. The game world itself can transform either from scripted events or the players actions, which in the end can result in players altering even more locations themselves and even create new paths for the game. Castellanos must use medical items to restore his health in the game, but some these items might have terrible side effects like temporary hallucinogenic effects. I guess the moral here kids is to not go around and inject ourselves with needles you find lying around. There will also be collectibles (which all gamers love) in which players can use to upgrade Castellanos’ abilities.

The players will have access to various weapons like guns, knives, and traps but be warned because ammunition is scarce within the game. To find more ammo, the player will have to scavenge for materials similar to The Last of Us and disarm bombs/traps in order to harvest them. Melee combat is intended to only create distance between yourself and the monsters within the world, although instant takedowns can be done on unaware enemies. But be aware, enemies that are downed or decapitated are capable of REVIVING! WHAT?! And get this; the only way to truly eradicate your enemies is to set them on fire using a LIMITED supply of matches the player can find around the world. I don’t know about you guys, but that concept by itself is enough to give me goose bumps. Monsters that will endlessly come after you unless you incinerate them, scaaaaaary…
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Final Words:

Seriously, this is truly a game I feel all gamers should really be on the look for! Not only does it look amazing, I think it’s about time we get a true horror game instead of those games where players are given a shotgun or a chainsaw paddle to deal with their problems. The point of a horror game in my opinion is to set the players in an unsettling atmosphere and SURPRISE, actually be scared! Mr. Mikami has already proven in the past with his amazing title Resident Evil 4, that he can for sure already set a creepy atmosphere, and by giving the players some sort of self-defense in the form of weapons with limited ammunition and supplies, the game will be able to form in players a false sense of security. The Evil Within is set to be released in North America today, so grab your wallets, purchase your discounted candy, and get a shotgun ready cause it’s time to confront the evil within!

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