King Diamond: Farewell to United States

Kim Petersen, AKA King Diamond, raises his metal horns at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Photo by: Joshua Guerra
Kim Petersen, AKA King Diamond, raises his metal horns at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Photo by: Joshua Guerra

Heavy metal musician King Diamond ends his “Halloween 2014” tour with the last stop being in Austin, Texas at Fun Fun Fun Fest. King Diamond has not toured the United States since 2005, but, upon coming back to the States, he had the full European production stage set up for all US venues.

A white sheet covered the front of the stage, only to drop moments before the band appeared and reveal inverted crosses and the satanic Baphomet symbol in the far back. The crowd cheered loudly as the band encroached on the stage. When they saw Kim Petersen, known by his stage name King Diamond, making his way up the staircase with a microphone, his body silhouetted into a cross with human bones in hand, they went wild.

The stage looked phenomenal as the inverted crosses, Baphomet and the staircases on each side of it were lit neon red. The band’s performance was like no other. During the rendition of songs such as “Tea,” “Digging Graves,” “A Visit From the Dead,” “Eye of the Witch” and “Cremation,” theater was heavily used to enhance the concert.

Petersen invited an unnamed actor depicting “grandma” out on stage for a cup of “tea” in her old-fashioned, wooden wheelchair. Later on in the show, a “pregnant” woman came on stage to dance. After crossing the stage, she stopped in front of the drum set and pantomimed giving birth to a plastic baby doll.

The set finally came to an end, closing with “Eye of the Witch,” and the crowd erupted into screams. They demanded an encore; King Diamond did not disappoint.

At the start of the first encore, “grandma” was wheeled out by a priest and a mortician, then cremated. Petersen lurched around the stage, shaking hands with the mortician and attempting to shake hands with the priest, who paid him no attention.

King wasn’t finished yet. The crowd eagerly anticipated what he would do next. He then performed one of his greatest hits, “Halloween,” to end his first encore.

Coming back out for his second encore performance, King Diamond grabbed a chalice from on stage, emptied it and threw it behind him towards the drummer, Matt Thompson. Thompson smashed the chalice with his drumstick, not ever missing a beat during playing “The Family Ghost.” Whether it was planned or unintentional, it was still an act of brilliance.

At the close of the show, Diamond thanked the fans, bowing and waving as he visited each end of the stage. The crowd was screaming and yelling back at him “Thank you!” He left the stage in style, raising his heavy metal horns up in a final salute to all the fans that came to their last United States tour date of the year.

If you missed seeing the heavy metal legend while he was in town, you’re going to wish you hadn’t. No one knows when King Diamond will be making his next appearance in the United States. Let’s just hope it’s sooner than later.

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