Hemsworth Who? Five Other Hollywood Chrises to Know And Love

Meet the “Sexiest Man Alive.”


He’s an Aussie, a father of three, and an Avenger. Chris Hemsworth is a stud worthy of People Magazine’s yearly honor, but there’s plenty of other Chrises to swoon over. Here are a few of our favorites.

Chris Evans


Relationship Status: Single

The Boston-bred Captain America hunk shies away from the limelight, but watch one of his adorably candid interviews and it is easy to see why Evans is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Lucky for us, Evans has his directorial debut Before We Go hitting theaters early next year.

Chris Pine


Relationship Status: Single

Baby blues and blockbuster good looks? Really, it’s hard not to “Pine” over Chris. Good news is, you won’t have to go far to see Chris in action, he currently stars in Horrible Bosses 2hitting theaters this Friday.

Chris Pratt


Relationship Status: Married (to actress Anna Faris)

The internet isn’t happy about Chris Pratt not being named this year’s SMA, and we can’t blame them. But, Pratt was named GQ’s name of the year, and technically he is on the cover of the magazine, not to mention he got to save the galaxy in the year’s biggest blockbuster so we think he (and his washboard abs) will be just fine.

Christopher Nolan


Relationship Status: Married (to Emma Thomas)

Sure, Christopher Nolan may not fit the stereotypical beefcake mold like the other Chrises on our list, but he has given us The Batman Trilogy, Inception, and the visual masterpiece that isInterstellar, and for that he has forever earned a place in our hearts and on our list.

Chris Noth


Relationship Status: Married (to Tara Wilson)

TV’s favorite Chris, viewers have been swooning over Noth since his days as Carrie Bradshaw’s leading man on Sex and The City, and now he’s bad boy governor Peter Florrick on The Good Wife.

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Note: This post is taken directly from Burnt Q on Tumblr. See original link.

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