Japanese Album Releases to Look Forward to for the Beginning of 2015

2015 is a new year, and you know what that means … new album releases! With a fresh start, these Japanese artists are hoping to start the new year off with new tunes that people can jam out to.

From pop to rock, and ironically black to white, this is a list of Japanese artists to be on the lookout for the first half of 2015.


Sandaime J Soul Brothers – “PLANET SEVEN”
Genre: Pop/Dance
Release Date: January 28

Sandaime J Soul Brothers are a famous dance and vocal pop unit (2 main vocalists and 5 dancers) who are under the label LDH. Debuting in 2010, this group has come a long way, winning a Japanese Academy Award in December of 2014, marking them the Japanese Artists of the year. With their most popular hit at the moment “R.Y.U.S.E.I.” being included on their album “PLANET SEVEN,” this year seems like a good start for many Sandaime J Soul Brothers fans, as they’ve also been gracing dozens of magazine covers to hit the shelves in the upcoming few months. Some of their other big hits will be included in this album such as “O.R.I.O.N.,” “C.O.S.M.O.S.,” and their most recent “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!,” this album will be a hot topic on the Japanese music charts. Between a new album release and being artists of the year, it seems that this group will be unstoppable in 2015!

ONE OK ROCK – “35xxxv”

Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: February 11

Having a strong fan base here in the States and in Japan doesn’t seem like a bad place to be for ONE OK ROCK, since their new album “35xxxv.” Since forming the band, the members agreed to fulfill their dream of touring in the United States. They’ve been able to see their dream come true and not only that but their seventh full-length album “35xxxv,” will be their first album fully recorded in the U.S. ONE OK ROCK had a great 2014 year and are preparing to have an even better 2015 by having John Feldmann (has worked with All Time Low, Panic at the Disco, Story of the Year, etc.) work with their album this year.

Genre: Pop
Release Date: February 25

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NEWS, a Japanese boy band under Johnny’s Entertainment released their album “WHITE” earlier this week. With this being their first album in over 6 months, it will be a must-buy for many NEWS fans. This album has one of their popular hits “Aikotoba” and will include behind the scenes footage, something that will make many fan girls happy for sure.

Generations from EXILE TRIBE – “GENERATION EX”
Genre: Pop/Dance
Release Date: February 28

Like Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Generations from EXILE TRIBE are another 7-member vocal and dance unit from LDH. Debuting in 2012 and becoming certified Gold artists with their first album “Generations,” this second album has been anticipated by many. Their second full-length album is making news to where they will be embarking on a nationwide tour of Japan for the first half of the year. Not only that, but they will be having their first world tour as well. Although it hasn’t been long since their debut, they’ve been able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. With the goal of being as good and well known as their seniors Sandaime and EXILE, that dream does not seem impossible for these talented boys. With a nationwide and worldwide tour coming up, good for you Generations!


Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: March 4

Moving on from “WHITE,” we have SuG, who will ironically be coming out with their album “BLACK” in March. Their last album “Lollipop Kingdom” was released three years ago due to them being on hiatus and leaving their old record label. With the lead singer Takeru being busy with his solo debut these recent years, SuG slowly started to fade out from the headlines, making fans wonder if the hiatus was permanent. But, by reuniting last year and making many SuG fans happy by announcing new music in the future, this will surely make their album sky rocket to the top of the charts this year. With their last album “Lollipop Kingdom” being successful three years ago, there’s no doubt among fans that this next album will be able to beat it.

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