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#throwbackthursday: SXSW with moumoon

Japanese sensation moumoon composed of Yuka and Masaki from Tokyo, Japan rocked three different stages during this year’s SXSW festival, March 19-21, and pumped up the crowd with some of their most popular hits from back home and two new songs.

Formed in 2005, moumoon became recognized in Japan through radio and commercial play for their ability to perform multiple genres such as pop, alternative rock, and indie rock.

moumoon’s first show was at The Grackle, a part of the Japan Preview Showcase on March 19. It was a teaser for the Japan Nite Show, a nationwide show and tour that features Japanese artists. Japan Nite took place at The Elysium on March 20.

Photo by Sara Eunice Martinez
Vocalist Yuka from the Japanese band moumoon sings on stage at SXSW 2015. Photo by Sara Eunice Martinez

Set to perform at 2:45 p.m., Yuka and Masaki came out on stage and greeted the Austin crowd in English. Playing a 25-minute set, they performed five songs. They opened their set with the English version of their 2010 hit “Sunshine Girl,” followed by another one of their hits “Moonlight.” The third song played was the cover of “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper.

Running a little low on time, they were able to perform two more songs for the excited Austin crowd and were able to stay after the concert to take pictures and write autographs.

Although short at The Grackle, it was just a sneak peek of what was going to go down for Japan Nite at The Elysium. With Japan Nite celebrating its 20th birthday, this was one of the most successful shows yet with moumoon attracting a filled venue.

On Japan Nite’s “Happy 20th Anniversary” show, moumoon rocked the stage and performed a set of eight songs. Including the songs that they played at The Grackle, they played two new songs called “Our Time” and “Cocoon.” With a an upbeat tempo and cheering audience, Yuka and Masaki energized the crowd while jumping.

Photo by Sara Eunice Martinez
Guitarist Masaki from the Japanese band moumoon performs on stage at SXSW 2015. Photo by Sara Eunice Martinez

moumoon then concluded their show with a spectacular performance of two more of their popular songs “Do You Remember?” and “Good Night,” ending one of their first ever shows in America.

On March 21 marked moumoon’s last show in Austin as they were a part of the SXSW Saturday Night Showcase.

Their name “moumoon” consists of the french word “mou” which means soft. moumoon is supposed to represent “soft moon,” so on every full moon they play shows and stream them as part of “FULLMOON LIVE.”

The opportunity to see moumoon was great and I was not disappointed as a music writer and a fan. The diverse sound that they create together is something that is hard to see in a duo-band so seeing them live was a great experience.

Photo courtesy of Avex Entertainment
Photo courtesy of Avex Entertainment

moumoon has an upcoming show in Taiwan.

・2015-06-07 (Saturday)【Taipei, Taiwan】THE WALL



Also, check out their most recent music video “Hello, shooting-star” if you haven’t yet and let us know what you think!

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