TV recap: “Devious Maids” 3.01

Photo by Lifetime via deadline.com
Photo by Lifetime via deadline.com

After almost a year-long break, “Devious Maids” finally premiered its third season on Monday night. Here’s a recap of all the that’s happened and an introduction to the major plot points of this season.

TV recap by Marisa Martinez

In the season two finale, the unstable Spence’s nephew was the gunman in the drive-by shooting of Rosy and Spence’s wedding out of worry that Valentina would tell the police that he and his friends were the robbers who had been terrorizing Beverly Hills (the same group of boys who were responsible for killing Carmen’s former employer).

The premiere starts right where it left off last season with Ty about to take fire on the crowd at Rosy and Spence’s wedding. Very quickly, we learn that two characters were shot: Pablo, Zoila’s ex-husband, and Rosy. Moments later we find out that Rosy is awake and learns she has survived a bullet to the stomach after being in a coma for four months – Pablo, unfortunately, does not survive the attack.

With the cliffhanger of the shooting in the previous season’s finale, we also learned that Zoila is pregnant but she does not know who the father is because of a one-night stand with Pablo while she was still dating Javier. How can Zoila determine the father without Javier knowing she slept with Pablo? With Genevieve’s help, she manages to obtain Javier’s hair without him knowing to perform a DNA test and learns that he is not the father. Now, Zoila must tell the man she is happy with that she is having a child, and also that he isn’t the father and she is expecting him to help raise the child of another man who is no longer alive. However, after talking it out with Genevieve, the only person who knows about the pregnancy, she decides to lie to Javier. When she tells him she’s pregnant and sees how happy he is to be a father, she goes along with it and does not tell him about Pablo.

Taylor and Michael have adopted a little girl from another country,,but she is strangely quiet – practically mute. When the Powells ask the Stappords if their daughter is okay, Michael tells them that she has “emotional problems” due to a rough upbringing. But, soon after the Powells leave, Taylor becomes angry with Michael for lying to the Powells about their daughter and they argue about telling the truth. And – surprise, surprise – a new maid is in the mix by the name of Blanca, or as we all know her, Santana the villain from popular TV show “Glee.” Going off of her character on that show, Rivera will have no problem playing ‘devious’ as Blanca.

Blanca is new in town and needs money to pay for school. With the help of her fellow maids, she gets a job as the Stappords’ new maid. As time goes on, it is clear that Michael is becoming frustrated with their daughter’s misbehavior and Taylor doesn’t like it. She doesn’t agree that Katy should be punished due to a reason she has not yet revealed about her past. After coming back to the home after Marisol’s book signing party at the Powells,’ Blanca later arrives at the Stappord home to find an exhausted and distressed Taylor, as well as a pile of what looks like all the cleaning products in the entire house. When Blanca asks Taylor what she’s doing, Taylor tells her she is just “cleaning something up.” Blanca insists on doing it for her as Taylor tries very hard to persuade Blanca to not come into the living room to help her, to no avail. Blanca enters the living room to see the damage, only to find the living room drenched in blood. We see Taylor and we see Katy, but we do not see Mr. Stappord. It’s clear someone was likely murdered in that living room, but who was killed, and who was the killer is unclear. All that we see is Taylor, Blanca and Katy grinning in the corner at the bloody scene.

The next morning, Mrs. Powell sees a dog eating at something in her rose bushes, when she finally is able to shoo the dog away she sees a decapitated leg in the dirt. Whose leg is it? And where are all the other body parts? While we don’t know now, all is sure to be revealed on this season of “Devious Maids.”

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