Unofficial Lifehacks: Change

This is the third post in our staff writer Maxine Forcey’s blog, Unofficial Lifehacks.

Hola friends, long time no blog. Who’s watching the NBA finals?? Let’s go #BRONBRON!!!

What am I going to cover today?

Well…something that has affected us all at some point…C H A N G E.


Blog post and photos by Maxine Forcey

My life recently has been nothing BUT a series of continuous changes. If you’re anything like me, you say you like change, but still have a hard time adapting and spend every single day questioning your existence…

SO, here are a few tips that improved my ability to adapt:

1) Embrace – Sounds cheesy and cliche, but, whether you’re in a new city, have a new relationship status, going to a new school or job, etc., the most important thing is to realize that this is your new reality and it’s your duty to make the most of it!! You might feel crappy at first, but I promise if you just take a second to say, “Hey, this is how it is, let me live life to the fullest because I could die today in vain” your life will really improve…Change your attitude, change your life.

2) Explore Make small talk and meet new friends. Explore a new city. Be one with yourself and be your own BFF! Things rarely seem as bad as they do initially once you find a niche. Find that one thing about your new situation that you can really grasp onto for comfort, whether it be a coffee shop you discovered or that weird guy at your new job that eats lunch with you. Just having something to look forward to can make all the difference.

3) ReflectIt’s okay to feel crazy or weird or sad with your new life change. But, don’t live in denial! Reflect on how you’re TRULY feeling and decide what steps to take to get to the place you want to be emotionally. Reach out to family and friends for support and just let those feelings freakin’ flow out of you. Even if you’re not super excited about the change, go shout it to the world anyway. Life’s too short to never let go.


Hopefully in the coming months I’ll take my own advice…wish me luck ya’ll.

Song of the day: “Change is Everything” by Son Lux (get it? lol)

Quote of the day: “Tomorrow is not promised, live today as if it were your last.”

Love, Maxine

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