TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.02

devious maids
TV recap by Marisa Martinez

Remy, Valentina, Zoila and Javier

Valentina and Remy are engaged and plan to get married the upcoming weekend, because they will be moving next week since Remy got accepted into a medical school in New York. When Valentina tells Zoila the news, Zoila does not give the happy couple her blessing. Later in the evening, Javier proposes to Zoila on a date and she says yes. After getting engaged herself, Zoila has a change of heart and gives Valentina her blessing. When Valentina asks her why she changed her mind, she tells her that is engaged and also pregnant. Zoila does not approve of her mother being pregnant so soon after her father’s death and doesn’t give her blessing. Eventually, they both reconcile and Valentina decides she wants to wait a year and have a big wedding that both of their families can attend.

Carmen and Marisol

Carmen is staying at Marisol’s while Marisol is starting a maid placement agency, and Carmen wants Marisol to place her with a job, but she has a lot of requirements and little work ethic. After days go by and Marisol hasn’t placed Carmen yet, she gets suspicious. Carmen gets someone else to call Marisol asking for a new maid that fits Carmen’s description, and when Marisol recommends someone else, Carmen knows Marisol is purposely not getting her a job. When she confronts Marisol about it, she tells her she hasn’t placed her because Carmen is a bad maid and it will reflect poorly on Marisol’s business. Carmen understands and they reconcile.

Spence, Rosy and Miguel

Rosy is about to come home from the hospital, but on a FaceTime session with Spence and Miguel, she sees the apartment is still a mess, and now that Spence is no longer working, they need to save money and can’t hire a maid. Rosy is adamant with Spence, telling him that he must clean the entire apartment himself and that she is no longer his maid and they have to share the housework just like she did when she was married to Ernesto. When Carmen and Zoila come visit the messy apartment, Spence begins to fake cry to convince them he has been under emotional distress while Rosy has been in the hospital. He puts on such a show that Zoila and Carmen insist on cleaning the apartment so he can relax.

Rosy finally comes home to a very clean apartment and is proud of Spence, until Miguel asks Spence where Zoila ended up putting his toys when she cleaned the apartment with Carmen. Rosy then becomes very upset and brings up another anecdote about her deceased husband Ernesto. Finally, Spence tells Rosy to stop comparing him to someone who is dead. Except Ernesto is alive and is on a bus to find Rosy!

The Powells

After Mr. Powell’s recent fetish with BDSM, he spends the night at a sex club called The Velvet Whip. When he comes home, the FBI is in his driveway because of the severed leg found in his yard. When the detective asks for Mr. Powell’s alibi, he has to tell them (and Evelyn) he spent the night in a BDSM sex club. He explains that he had started going to the BDSM nightclub because it is the only thing that will help him get an erection. He convinces Evelyn to come to The Velvet Whip with him now that she knows about it.

Blanca and the Stappords

When Marisol asks Taylor if Mr. Stappord can look at some legal papers for her, Taylor behaves very suspiciously and avoids giving information about Mr. Stappord’s trip and when he will return, pretending she doesn’t know.

While Blanca is finishing up cleaning up the blood, Taylor tells her she had just stabbed a burglar and doesn’t say much else about the the incident. She also refuses to call the cops. When Blanca tells her to at least tell Mr. Stappord about the burglar so he can come home, Taylor gets defensive and rejects Blanca’s advice.

Later, the cops arrive at the Stappord home to inform them of the severed leg in the Powell’s yard. When the detective asks Taylor if anything suspicious had happened the night before, she says no and doesn’t tell him about the burglar. Blanca then confronts Taylor about the fact that she doesn’t think there was really a burglar in their house. Taylor confesses to Blanca that she doesn’t want the cops coming to the house because Katy’s adoption wasn’t legal. When Taylor asks Blanca to comply with her story, she quits. After a talk with Marisol, Blanca decides to take her advice and offer to keep working for the Stappords if they pay for all of her college expenses. Taylor agrees, and Blanca is back in the Stappord house. When Blanca is cleaning up Katy’s room, she goes through her paintings and sees that Katy has painted a splotch of blood on one canvas. Suspicious, she turns the page to see what looks like a drawing of a man’s dead body lying in the living room, and on the final page, what appears to be a drawing of Katy holding a bloody knife standing over a puddle of blood.

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