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TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.03

TV recap by Marisa Martinez

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Spence, Rosy and … Ernesto?

Ernesto is back and goes to the hospital to find Rosy. When she’s not there, the nurse calls her apartment. Spence picks up and finds out Ernesto is back and looking for Rosy, but he doesn’t tell Rosy who he was speaking to on the phone because he thinks it must be a joke. However, when Spence finds out Ernesto’s body was never found, he realizes it wasn’t a joke and calls Ernesto back, telling him not to confront Rosy. Ernesto ignores this and instead decides to crash Zoila and Javier’s wedding ceremony to see Rosy. When Rosy sees Ernesto, she faints, and Spence tells her (after she regains consciousness) that he knew Ernesto was alive beforehand, which starts a big fight between the two at the end of the episode.

Zoila and Javier

Zoila and Javier decided to get married this weekend since Valentina and Remy are already in New York, but Genevieve insists on throwing them a big wedding at her house. Leading up to the wedding, Zoila finds out that Javier was previously married. Meanwhile, her secret about the father of her baby is making her feel guiltier by the minute after Rosy too finds out Javier is not the father, but after learning Javi has a secret too, she feels better. When the ceremony is interrupted by Ernesto, Zoila uses the break to confess to Javier that the baby is not his. Javier walks out on her and they do not get married.

Blanca and The Stappords

Michael is alive! But now Blanca is confused as to who the dead man in Katy’s painting was because Katy told her it was her “daddy.” After Mr. Stappord returns, Blanca learns that he doesn’t know about the stabbing in the living room. When she tries to tell him something happened while he was gone he looks very concerned, but she doesn’t get the chance to tell him everything. After the wedding, Blanca returns to the Stappords and finds an empty dark home with no one in it, but she hears creaking in the floorboards. Later, a dark shadow appears and kidnaps her from the house. Luckily, Blanca made sure to rip off her necklace while being dragged out of the house to hint to whoever finds it that something bad happened to her – she made a point earlier in the episode that she never takes it off.


Evelyn wants to sell the house after it gains the reputation as the “murder house” now that two deaths have occurred there and the severed leg was found in the front yard. Meanwhile, Carmen is avoiding her ex as he begs for her back. Evelyn hires a realtor, and it ends up being Carmen’s ex. After being in the same house together again and seeing each other so often, Carmen takes him back.


It seems like a new character might be coming into the mix this season — a male maid! A man tries to get placed by Marisol, but she refuses to help him find a job simply because he is a man. Upset by this, he goes to work for one of Marisol’s clients who is looking for a new maid even though Marisol didn’t place him. Marisol almost rats him out to her client, but the client tells her how close she was to firing Marisol and how pleased she is with her new maid, so Marisol decides to keep quiet and take payment. But when the male maid comes to Marisol’s to receive his money for cleaning the house, Marisol won’t let him continue working for her, even though it pleased one of her toughest clients. He then tells her that he came into cleaning because he did three tours in Afghanistan and maid work distracted him from the things he saw for the past several years. Marisol empathizes with him and gives him his money.

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