TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.04

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Rosy, Spence, Ernesto and Miguel

After the wedding, Rosy decides to meet with Ernesto to find out what really happened to him – since she was under the impression he had been killed by the cartel. After Ernesto tells her he had actually been kidnapped and held captive all those years, he tells her that he came to the US to be with her and Miguel. The next day, Rosy decides not to lead Ernesto on and tell him that she had already chosen to stay with her husband Spence, but Ernesto still yearns for the time he lost with his family, and if he can’t have Rosy he at least wants Miguel. Ernesto tells Rosy that he wants to take Miguel back with him to Mexico. After hearing the news, Rosy considers moving her, Miguel and Spence to Mexico so that Ernesto can become close with his son. After some serious thought, Spence comes up with the idea of helping Ernesto get settled in the U.S. by setting him up with a place to live and an extended Visa so that he can spend time with his family without Rosy having to leave her life in the States.

Carmen, Sebastien and the Powells

Mr. Powell fakes a back injury and convinces Carmen to walk on his back in her heels to fix it and pays her with a pair of Louboutins. Mr. Powell tells Carmen he can pay her to inflict pain on him regularly even though she knows it’s not for therapy reasons. Sebastien tries to get back with her and asks her out to dinner to prove himself to her. He also defines the terms of their relationship as both of them being “free” and able to do whatever they want. This upsets Carmen and reminds her she can’t be with Sebastien because he can’t commit. Sebastien still manages to convince her, but at the last minute he bails to tend to plans with his wife instead. After this, Carmen tells Sebastien that Mr. Powell gave her expensive shoes. Sebastien becomes very upset because he knows it was for sexual pleasure too, and Carmen threatens to take up Mr. Powell on his offer if they’re both “free” to do whatever they want like he described. Carmen comes to Mr. Powell and turns down his offer and tells him that it is because of her relationship with a married man. Mr. Powell criticizes her for being faithful to a married man and riles her up enough to change her mind and accept his previous offer.

The Stappords

Carmen comes looking for Blanca at the Stappords’ home to get back the dress she lent her. She is not there when Carmen arrives and Mrs. Stappord tells her Blanca quit again without leaving notice, rather than saying that she is missing. Mr. Stappord uses Katy to find out what happenned while he was away and Katy mentions a mysterious man was at the house that night. Michael brings it up to Taylor, assuming she’s having an affair. Taylor denies the affair, but still avoids telling Mr. Stappord who was there that night.

Marisol and Jesse

While Gail’s maid Jesse is tending to her plants, he finds a severed hand in the flowers. Gail tells him to remove the hand and plant it in the Powell’s yard to save her reputation, but he tells Marisol instead. Marisol confronts Gail with the hand and makes her take the heat for having a severed body part in her yard. Afterwards, Gail fires Jesse for telling Marisol and not doing what he was told. When Marisol can’t find any other work for him, he convinces her to let him work for her instead.

Genevieve and Zoila

Zoila and Genevieve have recently had a deepening in their friendship, both acknowledging that they are the other’s closest friend and will always be there for support. Genevieve’s doctor confesses his feelings for her and their relationship is off to a good start. On their first date, he invites her to go with him on a six-month trip to Greece and Genevieve accepts the invitation. Zoila is devastated by the news because Genevieve told her she would support her during the pregnancy since Pablo, Javier and Valentina won’t be there for her.

The police are able to confirm both severed body parts are from the same victim, and that the victim’s name is Louie Becker. Apparently Louie had a reputation in the Hills for dating older women with money. When the police ask Gail if any of his exes could have a possible axe to grind, she mentions one woman in particular whom he had a very bad breakup with, when the police confront this woman, we learn it is Genevieve! Leading up to finding out Louie is the victim, Mr. Stappord has been looking for Louie since the night when there was blood all over the Stappord’s living room. Mrs. Stappord has also been trying to reach him since suspicions were raised about what really happened that night, and the whereabouts of Blanca. Taylor is very alarmed to find out the police confirmed that the severed body parts belong to Louie Becker.

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