TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.05

TV recap by Marisa Martinez

Photo credit: Lifetime Network
Judy Reyes and Susan Lucci star in “Devious Maids” as Zoila Diaz and Genevieve Delatour, respectively. Photo credit: Lifetime Network

The Stappords

We learn that Louie (the person whose body parts are being strewn in other people’s yards) was the guy Michael sent to the house the night he left for his trip and the night that Blanca came home to a bloody living room at the Stappord house. Since finding out that the police know it’s Louie’s body, Taylor has begun taking anti-depressants. Katy walks in on Taylor talking on the phone with the person she sent to get rid of Blanca the night she was kidnapped. When her mother avoids answering her questions, Katy sneaks a handful of anti-depressants into Taylor’s wine after hearing she was responsible for Blanca’s disappearance. At the end of the episode, Marisol finds Taylor unconscious on the sofa.

Genevieve, Zoila, and Mrs. Powell

After being questioned by the police about how her relationship with Louie ended, Genevieve tells Zoila in private that it was because she and Louie had made a sex tape and he showed it to his friends at the club. If anyone else were to find out about the tape, it would ruin her new relationship with her doctor, so she doesn’t tell the police. To throw off the investigators, Genevieve tells them that Mrs. Powell flirted with Louie a lot to make her a suspect. Later on the phone, Zoila tells Carmen about the sex tape, and Carmen tells Mrs. Powell. As revenge for naming her while being questioned, Mrs. Powell finds the tape and releases it to all of Beverly Hills (including Genevieve’s new boyfriend). When Genevieve asks how Mrs. Powell found out, she tells her that it was Zoila. Upset at Zoila for telling her secret, Genevieve decides to go to Greece after all.

Carmen, Sebastien, and Mr. Powell

Carmen is still going along with Mr. Powell’s agreement to pay her for BDSM. With their new “relationship,” Mr. Powell continues to question Carmen about the married man she’s seeing. Later, Mr. Powell figures out that the man is Sebastien. When Marisol stops by the Powell’s, she sees Carmen whipping Mr. Powell and finds out about their agreement. Marisol tells Carmen to stop right away. Carmen tries to end her situation with Mr. Powell, but he responds by blackmailing her. He threatens to tell about her relationship with Sebastien and to tell Mrs. Powell not only about Sebastien, but about his arrangement with Carmen that would surely get them fired. Consequently, she is trapped in her agreement with Mr. Powell.

Marisol and Jesse

While gossiping with Carmen about how attractive Jesse is in her office, Marisol finds out that Jesse was cleaning the air vents and could hear everything she was saying. When Marisol confronts the issue to keep things professional, Jesse says he finds her attractive too. When she tells Carmen that she is feeling reluctant about a relationship with Jesse because of their age difference, Carmen tells her that maybe she needs to have a fun fling for once after how badly her previous relationships have ended.

Rosy, Spence, Ernesto, and Miguel

Now that Rosy is living with Ernesto, her old attraction to him is returning. When she goes to confession about having impure thoughts about a man who is not her husband, the priest informs her that since Ernesto was not actually dead, she’s still married to him and is sinning by being with Spence. This makes her feel even more conflicted about being married to Spence, but also drawn sexually to Ernesto. Especially since he has already told Rosy that he still loves her. Spence and Ernesto are having a tug-of-war with how Miguel should be raised now that Miguel has two father figures in the house.

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