TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.06

TV Recap by Marisa Martinez

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Carmen and Mr. Powell

Adrian’s new electroshock toy malfunctions during a BDSM session with Carmen, and he passes out, leaving Carmen to call 911. While he’s is in the hospital, we find out Carmen lied about what sent him there. But later on when the doctor mentions that they found injuries on Adrian’s wrists and buttocks, Evelyn figures out what he’s really been doing and tells the doctor. After finding this out, the doctor tells Adrian he has to stop because it’s causing damages to his health. Later, Carmen decides to confess to Evelyn that she was the one giving Mr. Powell his injuries for money. Evelyn then fires her, but since Adrian blackmailed her into continuing the sessions when she tried to stop, Marisol threatens to sue for wrongful termination, so Evelyn takes her back.

Marisol and Jesse

After Jesse makes her dinner, Marisol kisses him and he immediately darts out of her apartment. Embarrassed, Marisol apologizes for misreading the situation, and Jesse tells her he left because Marisol had been drinking and he didn’t want to take advantage of her. Moments later, he throws Marisol on top of the kitchen counter and they hook up.

The Stappords

After the scare with Taylor, Michael is under a lot of pressure, so Marisol promises to get him a new maid who can work full time. Katy confesses that she put the pills in Taylor’s drink, and Michael scolds her and she runs away. After ending up at the Powells’, Katy and Evelyn bond and Katy makes Evelyn realize how much she still wants the chance to take care of a child since hers died so young and Adrian had turned down adopting. She calls Michael and he comes to get her. After they get home, they have a heart-to-heart and he forgives Katy for what she did. In this episode, we also learn that Katy is not her birth name.

Evelyn and Adrian (The Powells)

Now that Evelyn is stuck keeping Carmen as a maid after knowing about her inappropriate relationship with Adrian, she knows they will all have to make amends. After the health scare with Adrian, Evelyn becomes more aware of the fact that Adrian could die. Evelyn then decides that it’s important for the both of them to happy in their marriage. With that being said, she tells Adrian that he can continue practicing BDSM if they can adopt a child.


Now that Zoila is home alone at Genevieve’s place, Zoila’s sister comes into town and invites herself to crash there with her. After a few days, Zoila finds out her sister is staying there because she is getting a divorce. Zoila is tired of having to take care of her sister and visits her sister’s house to ask her husband to take her back. After talking to him, she finds out he’s divorcing her because she cheated on him with multiple men, including Pablo. She rushes home and kicks her sister out. In an effort to keep Zoila from making her leave, she grabs Zoila’s arm and, after struggling for a while, she accidentally pushes Zoila down the stairs. They go to the doctor and her baby is fine – and it’s a girl. After sharing that moment with each other, they reconcile. Zoila has to stay on bedrest because of the ankle injury and the only person who can take care of her is her sister, so she has to stay at the house anyway. While they’ve reconciled about Pablo, they’re still opposites. It’s going to be a long couple of days.

Rosy, Spence and Ernesto

Rosy tells Spence she’s been avoiding him because their relationship is a sin in the eyes of God. Rosy tries to get Ernesto to sign an annulment so that she can be with Spence, but Ernesto refuses because he still loves her. The two have a moment and they kiss. Afterwards, Rosy decides to separate from Spence because she still has feelings for Ernesto. Rosy has gotten a new job and and is now the maid for the Stappords.

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