Five Japanese Singles to Add to Your Playlist

With summertime comes summer music. Going on a roadtrip? Well, why not add some new Japanese tunes to your playlist! Here are the latest Japanese singles for the summer break.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – “Summer Madness feat. Afrojack”
Genre: EDM
Video Release Date: June 14, 2015

Sandaime J Soul Brothers has collaborated with an international act once again to bring you one of the hottest Japanese singles of the summer! Back in April they collaborated with rock legend Slash and their latest single features the EDM DJ Afrojack. The song will be used as the commercial theme for Japanese airline ANA and their Summer Travel Rate.

The song features the band having a good time in Florida with Afrojack and the members of PKCZ (DJ DARUMA, DJ MAKIDAI and VERBAL). With a colorful scenery, upbeat rhythm and summer vibes, this is the perfect song to add to your road trip playlist.

SEKAI NO OWARI – Dragon Night
Genre: Pop-rock
Video Release Date: June 16, 2015

SEKAI NO OWARI has finally come out with their debut English single! “Dragon Night” is their 8th single and is available on iTunes and Spotify.

The video is entertaining to watch as the group perform around a campsite. As the lead vocalist Satoshi sings on a walking talkie, a group of people and performers appear. As the video goes on, everybody is dancing and having a good time. The song and video is so fun and lively that you’ll be dancing along to it!

KEN THE 390 – Clap
Genre: Rap
Video Release Date: June 16, 2015

Have you ever tried listening to Japanese underground rap? Why not mix up your playlist with KEN THE 390! KEN THE 390 has released “Clap:” one of his singles from his latest album WEEKEND.

The video starts off with KEN THE 390 wearing a business suit and rapping to the camera. Toward the second half of the video, he walks around neighborhoods in Japan wearing a baseball jersey. Not only is the beat catchy, but his verses SLAY.

moumoon – “It’s Our Time”
Genre: Indie/Pop-rock
Video Release Date: June 26, 2015

Music duo moumoon, who we caught up with during SXSW, released their latest upbeat video for “It’s Our Time” while visiting Europe. “It’s Our Time” is their sixth studio album and will be released on August 12.

The video features YUKA and Masaki touring Europe, including some concert footage. The video contains selfie footage from the duo and the lyrics are in English. With a positive message and a catchy beat, you’ll find yourself singing along to it.

Yuzu – Kakeru
Genre: Pop/Folk
Video Release Date: July 2, 2015

Yuzu is a well-known duo in Japan and they recently came out with their song “Kakeru.” The song is being used as a commercial song for Nippon Life Insurance.

The video takes you to the future of 2025, where the duo are performing on a rooftop in Shibuya, a district in Tokyo. The video has an interesting storyline involving the common billboard skylines in Japan that are filled with numbers instead of words. The video involves a young lady trying to reverse this. Not only is the video great, but the song is something that will keep you putting it on repeat for days.

Any summer Japanese singles we missed? Let us know!

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