TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.07

TV Recap by Marisa Martinez

Marisol and Jesse

url-1Now that Marisol and Jesse are seeing each other, Jesse tells Marisol he wants the relationship to be more than just sex and he is looking for commitment. When Marisol takes Jesse out to an event with her, Marisol’s ex-client Gail tells everyone that Marisol is paying Jesse for sex (ergo she runs an escort agency). After someone visits Marisol’s agency for sex, she confronts Gail and realizes she can’t be dating Jesse if she is also paying him. Jesse agrees to quit working for Marisol so they can see where their relationship goes.

Genevieve, Zoila and Zoila’s sister

Zoila’s sister is not helping her at all and is still making her do all the work when she is supposed to be on bed rest. Fed up with her sister, Zoila calls Genevieve to come home and kick her sister out. But when Genevieve returns, Zoila’s sister gets her alone and tells her that Zoila gossiped about Genevieve while she was gone and tells a sob story to make Genevieve feel bad for her and let her stay. Even though Zoila knows her sister is playing Genevieve, Genevieve believes her anyway. Zoila decides to take Genevieve out for the night and then take her home early to catch her sister in the act. When Genevieve returns home to a stranger in her house and Zoila’s sister wearing Genevieve’s clothes, she finds out what kind of person she really is and kicks her out.

Rosie and Ernesto
Now that Rosie is working for the Stappords she decides to bond with Katie by playing a Mexican clapping game with her. But once Rosie starts to sing the song, Katie finishes the words. When Rosie asks Katie how she already knows the game, Katie tells her she used to play it. When Rosie tells the rest of the maids that she doesn’t think Katie is from Argentina, they don’t believe her theory and she finds out that the rest of the maids see her as “the dumb one.”

With Spence out of the picture, Rosy and Ernesto have decided to start dating, but Rosy wants to take the relationship slow. Ernesto agrees, but after their first date Rosy changes her mind and they sleep together. Later, Rosie tries something else with Katie and gives her a mango lollipop, a treat only sold in Mexico. As soon as Katie sees the candy, she recognizes it and is able to tell Rosie what it is. Katie has a gift for Rosie too, and it’s Blanca’s necklace! Rosie is shocked since Blanca told them she never takes off her necklace. When Katie tells Rosie that she found it on the floor the night Blanca “left,” Rosie get suspicious.


Locked in the basement of a house, Bianca is being held captive and we find out that she does not know the person who took her (the same person Taylor called to get rid of her for asking questions about the stabbing). One night when the kidnapper is not home, Blanca breaks free and makes it upstairs to find that her kidnapper has a shrine dedicated to Louie Becker. Before she can find out anything else, the kidnapper returns home and takes her yet again.


Carmen has a gig, and industry professionals are in the audience. A talent scout sees her performance and the president of the record company wants to sign her. Carmen is excited to be getting her big break again until she meets the president of the company and finds out she is Sebastien’s wife! Carmen tells Sebastien immediately, and then finds out that Carmen’s record deal was actually Sebastien’s plan to leave his wife and finally be with Carmen – this way he can live off of Carmen’s money instead of his wife’s. The plan is obviously flawed, and Carmen refuses to sign with the company since it interferes with her personal life.


After visiting the adoption agency, Evelyn realizes that adoption is a long process that can take up to a year. Evelyn bribes the adoption agent to move her application to the top of the list so she can adopt a child immediately. Meanwhile, Sebastien has found a house outside of the neighborhood that Evelyn might like. While Evelyn and Sebastien are walking around the house, we catch a glimpse of the Louie Becker shrine in the background – this is the house of Blanca’s kidnapper. Moments later Evelyn walks into the living area to find Blanca hanging by a noose from ceiling with the words “forgive me” written in red. Rest in peace, Blanca.

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