TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.08

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Carmen and Sebastien

Carmen decides to sign with Sebastien’s wife, Jacklyn, after all. After Jacklyn overhears a phone conversation between Carmen and Sebastien, Carmen has to pretend she has a boyfriend. Jacklyn insists on going out to dinner with Carmen, Sebastien and Carmen’s boyfriend (Sebastien). Carmen is able to convince an admirer to go to dinner with her, but she also sees how much Sebastien and his wife don’t get along at the restaurant. The two fight at the dinner table, and Carmen finds out Sebastien has cheated on his wife with many other women. The next day, Sebastien tries to convince Carmen that it’s different with her, but now that she knows his wife and what a good person she is, Carmen is starting to think that maybe Sebastien is the problem and she breaks it off. Later, in a meeting with Jacklyn, Carmen convinces her to leave Sebastien because successful women like them don’t need guys like him. Jacklyn agrees, then she leans in over the table, thanks her, kisses her on the lips and walks away like it was nothing.

Zoila, Genevieve and Dr. Neff

There’s a new resident at Genevieve’s house, and it’s not Zoila’s sister – it’s Dr. Neff. After Dr. Neff finds out Zoila has intervened with some of the private aspects of their relationship, he becomes infuriated with Genevieve and tells her he thinks that she and Zoila are too close. This puts a strain on their relationship, and when Genevieve tells this to Zoila, she decides that it’s time for her to move back into her own house.


Blanca’s death is all over the news, but not for the reasons we may have thought after last week’s episode. The house she was found in was abandoned and had a shrine of newspaper clippings dedicated to Louie Becker – whoever killed Blanca framed it to make it look like she was responsible for Becker’s death. The killer wrote a confession next to her body, and with the “forgive me” written on the ground, it went assumed Blanca was Becker’s killer. But, some of the maids are having a hard time believing it.

Marisol and Jesse

Marisol tells Jesse that she doesn’t believe Blanca could have been capable of such a thing, but Jesse is strangely insistent on convincing Marisol that Blanca was the one responsible because she didn’t know her. Meanwhile one of Marisol’s clients hits on her, and when he gropes her, Jesse becomes extremely violent and literally throws him out of the house and threatens to kill him. When Marisol approaches him about it, he shrugs it off as him just being protective of her and Marisol goes along with it. But, while Marisol is in the shower, Jesse takes off his shirt and pulls out a gun from his belt and puts it in a bag by Marisol’s bed.

Rosie and the Stappords

Rosie doesn’t think Blanca is the killer because of the necklace that was left behind the night she disappeared. Rosy tells Michael about the necklace and gives it to him so he can turn it into the authorities. Michael tells Rosie to be careful about letting Katie see anything that’s going on with Blanca because she had some “issues” in Argentina (which we now know is a lie) before they adopted her.

Rosie and Ernesto

It turns out Ernesto wasn’t a prisoner of the cartel all this time, but that he was actually working for the cartel and was one of their best men. Ernesto returned after he quit the cartel. Only there’s one problem – they want him back. The cartel doesn’t take no for an answer and threatens to hurt Rosie. Ernesto becomes protective of Rosie and doesn’t want her to go to work.

Taylor and Michael

One night at the Stappord home, a mysterious figure is lurking outside their house and Taylor freaks out. But when they find out it was just Ernesto, Taylor seems relieved, almost as though she was expecting someone else to be outside of the house. When Michael asks her about it and tells her about the necklace, Taylor refuses to tell Michael if she had something to do with Blanca’s murder and he leaves her.

Ernesto and… Katie?!

While in the Stappord home after getting caught, Katie runs into the living room, and she and Ernesto recognize her. Only he doesn’t know her as Katie, but Violeta! Katie corrects him and tells him that Katie is her name in a way that implies that her true identity is a secret. Meanwhile, members of the cartel are still lurking around him and Rosie everywhere they go. Despite this, Ernesto still refuses to go back because he now has something the cartel leader wants … Katie.

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