TV Recap: “Devious Maids” 3.09

This week on “Devious Maids,” we learn more about the newer characters of this season as the truth comes out about their pasts.

TV Recap by Marisa Martinez



Marisol goes to the country club to try to get them to hire Jesse, and when they refuse, she finds out that Jesse already worked there before and was fired because of an incident that happened between him and Louie Becker. When she asks Jesse about it, he doesn’t tell her what happened. While Jesse is out shopping, she snoops through his room for clues and finds his gun. Unfortunately for her, Jesse walks in as she finds it and breaks up with her for going through his things.

Carmen and Jacklyn

Carmen confronts Jacklyn about the kiss, and Jacklyn mistakes her bringing it up for returned feelings, so she arranges to have her over that night. When Carmen tells Sebastien, he insists that Carmen go out with Jacklyn and get her to make a move on her so that he can walk in on them and finally leave her for violating their prenup. But Sebastien runs late, and Carmen feels bad about their plan, rejects Jacklyn’s feelings and leaves. When Sebastien finally arrives, he is too late and Jacklyn decides she is going to tell him that she is a lesbian and can’t be with him. But because Carmen’s not there, Sebastien steps out to call her, but she left her phone on the couch. Jacklyn figures out that Carmen is the woman Sebastien’s been cheating with.

Katie and Miguel

Miguel has a crush on Katie, and when he tries to kiss her she pushes him to the ground and threatens to kill him and dance in his blood. When Rosie hears her say that, she immediately goes to Taylor and makes her tell the truth about Katie’s past. Taylor says that Katie witnessed her father’s murder and the people who killed him (the cartel) said they were going to dance in his blood – thus the reason the cartel is looking for her.


Rosie goes to visit Spence, and he tells her how upset he is that she was so quick to choose Ernesto over him. But when Rosie leaves, Spence goes back into his bedroom and Taylor is there – Spence is the person Taylor’s been having an affair with.

The Powells

Evelyn arranges for a foster child named Dion to come and live with them in their home, but Adrian does not want anything to do with Dion and tells him all the murders that happened in their house. Dion gets scared and asks to be returned to his group home. Evelyn and Adrian  have a fight about how he scared away their only chance at adoption, and he tells her it’s because he doesn’t want to have to raise a child again because Barry was the only son he wanted to raise. After a heart to heart, Evelyn convinces him to let Dion stay despite the grief of their son. Evelyn treats Dion extra special to convince him to stay, but when they hug, Dion smirks at Mr. Powell, almost as if her treating him nicer was part of the plan from the beginning.

Zoila and Dr. Neff

Dr. Neff has started re-cleaning the house after Zoila left because he doesn’t like the way she does it. When Zoila finds out, she is furious and tells him he can’t do it anymore, but now that Dr. Neff is living there, technically Zoila works for him too and he refuses to follow Zoila’s orders. Later in the week on Zoila’s day off, she comes to Genevieve’s house and find that they’ve hired Dr. Neff’s maid! Zoila confronts both of them about it and agrees to let April be her co-maid since Zoila is pregnant and can’t work as much. But when Zoila asks April to scoop up the dust Zoila has already swept, April starts to re-sweep the kitchen completely after Zoila already did it. If there’s one thing Zoila doesn’t like it’s having someone imply she doesn’t clean right. This should be interesting…

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