Unofficial Lifehacks: Things you should know in your 20s

This is the sixth and last post in our staff writer Maxine Forcey’s blog, Unofficial Lifehacks.

Hello. Hello. Hello. Hey. Hi. How you doin’?

It’s almost back to school time…which is great. I honestly can’t wait to head back to good ol’ college! What I’m not looking forward to is the inherent stress of just being a 20-something in this day and age. Sometimes, it seems like you can’t get a freakin break, am I right??? Well, good news for you is that I happen to be post breakdown and I have some words for ya to think about. These are just a few little tips I’ve learned about navigating your 20’s that are tremendously helpful to me and I hope they are to you as well!

  1. It’s ok not to have your sh*t together. You have a bunch more decades to get your career just right. Instead look at your 20’s as a starting point. This isn’t to say that you don’t need to try or think about your future, that’s important too…
  2. Be kind to yourself. I love this one. Every time I feel stressed out or defeated or ugly or something I just remind myself that I’m awesome. Don’t forget to treat yourself well and remember that you have value to offer those around you. You are special!
  3. Choose what and who you put into your environment wisely, and don’t tell everyone all your business. This is super important because in your twenties you can really control your circle. Be wary of those who will bring you down or don’t have any drive. You want to surround yourself with people who wanna do shit with their lives and will inspire and encourage you. It’s so crucial at this time! You are the company you keep.

Welp. Those are my little tidbits of information for you today. My song of the day is “Moondust (stripped)” by Jaymes Young. Go check it out, bruh.

I love you, internet friends.


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