Max’s Music Picks: Installment One

Hello Internet Friends,

Ya girl is switching it up a bit … and embarking on a music blog! Welcome to Installment One.

This has been an awesome summer for new music! I have a few favorites that will carry me peacefully (and sassily) into the new semester. Sit back, relax, check out these artists and pretend you’re a #carefreeblackgirl like me.

Kehlani’s You Should Be Here

Kehlani is my girrrrrl. The young songstress is quickly rising across the ranks as a force to be reckoned with. Recently gracing the covers of magazines like The Fader, Kehlani speaks personally on her latest mix tape You Should Be Here , which dropped in April of this year. I love her work because it connects on multiple levels, she has great lyrics that empower every sassy-don’t need a man, but believe in love-making that money woman inside us. She also has some awesome features, like Chance the Rapper, under her belt. Her distinct west coast vibes combined with her unique, feminine, yet powerful voice make You Should Be Here the perfect summer album.

The Internet’s Ego Death

If you followed my old blog you know about my obsession with The Internet … I am patiently waiting for them to make their return to Austin. I just freakin’ love Syd! The fam dropped their latest album Ego Death in late June and I can definitely argue that this is their best work yet. They cover so many topics relatable to the human experience, including falling out of love, lust, prejudice, etc. Mix that with the unmatched production of Matt Martians and Syd’s hypnotic voice, and you’ve got an irresistibly delicious album on your hands. Perfect for that end of summer lovin’.

Prince’s “Stare”

Ok guys … we all know Prince is a legend. He came out with the single “Stare” last month and it is, of course, a quick ride to funky town. That guitar doe-it slays me. I’m convinced Prince is one of those artists that will never die. He actually can’t die, the spirit of funk will not allow it.

Son Lux’s Bones

*Swoons* I discovered these guys at SXSW last year and never looked back. Something about those fresh af beats that get combined with a hint of indie flavor intoxicates me. Their latest album Bones does not disappoint. The composing alone is brilliant. Then, you’ve got these freakin’ inspirational subliminal messages mixed in and next thing you know you’re rocking tf out and feeling unstoppable. Bones is the good in the world. Bless you, Ryan Lott, bless you.

And my guilty pleasure…

Jidenna’s “Classic Man”

I normally try to stay away from music that is played to its death through the airwaves. I honestly hated this song until I had to take care of my baby cousins. My youngest one literally sang “Classic Man” all day, every day to the point of no return. By the time I returned him to his parents, I myself believed I too was a Classic Man.

I have graciously compiled all these mentions into a Spotify playlist for your enjoyment (and added a few extras). Put it on shuffle and stay cool bruh.

I love you,


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