K-Pop songs to jam out to

With school just around the corner comes the summer blues, so, why not get hyped up for the school year with some K-pop jams? From SM Entertainment summer singles to YG Entertainment, there are comebacks after comebacks.

Here are some summer K-pop jams that will get you moving and dancing for the upcoming school year!

Girls’ Generation – “PARTY”

Girls’ Generation’s “PARTY” single is a fun and upbeat track. The song title is self-explanatory and it’s all about having fun and enjoying time with friends. Not only is the song great, but the video is colorful and set at a beautiful beach in Thailand. This song will keep you singing along for hours!


With BIGBANG concluding their M.A.D.E album project, in comes their sweet and bright track composed by G-Dragon. Known for their upbeat dance music, it’s nice to hear a mid-tempo song from them every once in a while. This song explores the bad side to falling in love and will easily become your new favorite track.


Rookie group SONAMOO came out with their second video “Cushion” over the summer! With their debut “Deja Vu” last winter being boyish and hip hop themed, this song is the opposite. “Cushion” is a catchy song with a colorful and fierce music video to back it up. The chorus is really catchy and I love the rap parts, I’m even guilty of having this song on repeat!

SHINee – “Married To The Music”

SHINee is back with “Married To The Music,” a funky 80’s vibe inspired song. Although this video has only been recently released, it’s really a throwback since the video shows influence from Michael Jackson all throughout. It’s a new and unique concept away from their usual style, but they were able to pull it off musically. With great vocals and impressive dancing, this song is a must-have on your playlist.

AOA – “Heart Attack”

This high school themed video is a combination of cute and sexy for this seven-member girl group. The song has a carefree and fun element with layering vocals. Overall, the single and video are adorable and you’ll find yourself addicted to this song.

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