Max’s Music Picks: Installment Two

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Greetings earthlings, I hope you have all been well. School is in full swing now and I must say I’m already tired AF. But I’m also blessed; I couldn’t ask for a better life and set of opportunities. Since I am now commuting via bus to work and school I have lots of time to listen to millions of dope artists…Lemme fill you in on some recent fire I’ve come across.

Travi$ Scott Rodeo I honestly have not stopped listening this debut album from the Houston native. So many features. Such good production. I feel slightly basic, but YOLO. Travi$ is officially a threat to the game; he’s hella talented (he covers all aspects of his music from the beats to the lyrics) and there’s just some something sexy about his voice…If you catch me cooking randomly (the dance move) around campus you know who’s in my ear.

My dope house x Freddie Gibbs and Kaytranada– Anything Kaytranada produces is guaranteed to have fire ass beats.

Dance on Me x GoldLink– I recently saw GoldLink in concert and twirled the night away. This guy is so underrated he’s been opening for Mac Miller (*cues vomiting*). I love that he focuses on putting out music “that will make people really dance again”. That’s something that most of us millenials really struggle with (grinding and jumping around frantically offbeat doesn’t count, white people). Anyways I encourage checking out all of his music, he’s got some hidden gems out there in the universe.

YSBH Remixes x Kehlani My bae Kehlani, graced the world with remixes of her already dope tracks from You Should Be Here released last summer. YASSS LAWD. I’ll do you a favor and provide the soundcloud link below. She just gave us all more inspiration to be an independent woman who don’t need no man. * Beyonce-like hairflip*

Gold x Andra Day– Do you ever start listening to a new artist and don’t want to tell anyone about them because you’re scared the basics will find them and ruin everything? That’s how I feel with Andra Day…If you miss Amy Winehouse, Andra may be able to mend some of your wounds. Her vocals literally speak to my soul bruh. I hope I get to see her in concert soon, and dress all classy, and drink a fancy mixed drink though a cocktail straw. If you’re tryna hit up the church of soul, St. Andra is your escort to the gates.

The Swan (from Carnival of the Animals)– Camille Saint-Saens and Yo-Yo Ma– This one is for all you straight edge kids. I love you guys too, don’t worry. So, Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott recently put out a compilation entitled Songs from the Arc of Life , which is is comprised of popular classical works with talented special features . I usually enjoy these pieces in my salle de bain, with some lit candles and a bath bomb.Or I bust out some rusty ass ballet steps of a time once remembered,in my living room when nobody is home. Sometimes you need a break from sick beats. Enrich your mind friends.

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