Review: Arbonne Makeup Products

Besides a good wig, the number one thing I need as a drag queen is a great set of makeup! A queen is nothing if she doesn’t have a beautiful mug. That’s why I jumped at the chance to try out some of Arbonne’s cosmetics. Arbonne is a purely vegan, never-tests-on-animals company that provides dermatologist-tested, botanically based products.

Arbonne’s Glossed Over reformulated lip gloss has 10 different lip glosses to choose from in four different categories. You have color choices that range from pinks, taupes, corals, and my personal favorite, bolds. My top five favorite lip glosses were Cosmos, Mimosa, Hyacinth, Anise, and Mallow. The colors are bright and bold just like me,  but there are a wide array of subtle and nude colored lip glosses, such as primrose and calla. These glosses can be worn alone or with some lip liner. Even with a light application these lip glosses will last you all night.

Arbonne's range of lipglosses
Arbonne’s range of lipglosses

Moving on up to the eyes, Arbonne’s It’s a Long Story mascara adds length and definition to your lashes. I’ve tried other individual mascara wands, but Arbonne’s wand left me with no clumps and long, black, and separated lashes with every application. The liquid eyeliner applied on nice and smooth and the very sturdy tip gives the best control for the perfect cat eye look. The mascara and the eyeliner lasted for hours with very little smudging.


Please note that the mascara is not waterproof. To take off my eye makeup, I used the Easy on the Eyes eye makeup remover. Other makeup removers are harsh on the eyes, leaving them burning and irritated. Luckily, this remover was true to its label, easy on the eyes but tough on the makeup. With only a few drops and a cotton ball, my eye makeup was gone.

Now my absolute favorite of the bunch of products was the makeup primer. This primer was superb. It smoothed out my trouble spots and made a nice even coverage to apply my foundation on. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

Arbonne Makeup Primer

The RE9 Advanced skin care line has its pros and cons. The RE9 Advanced smoothing facial cleanser was nice to use after taking off all my makeup. A makeup removing wipe can only do so much, but this orange peel scented facial cleanser helped my skin feel lighter, really cleaning out my pores. After trying the smoothing facial cleanser, next off was the exfoliating wash. This was also orange peel scented and did the same job as the RE9 Advanced soothing facial cleanser, but this was a bit rougher, as it exfoliated my skin and left it feeling soft and clean.

To follow up after the wash was the shave gel which was a bit of a disappointment. It applied on well and seemed to have a good amount of coverage, but I could feel my brand new razor still tugging on the hairs. The shaving gel didn’t help create a smooth shave, it was a bit rough and in the end left me with a few nicks.


Luckily, the post-shave balm helped calm my irritated skin with a little bit applied all over, the redness was reduced in my skin after shaving. Finishing off the skin-care line was the Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20. Applied all over my face, it gives a light coverage to your skin, leaving it soft and feeling protected from the harsh sun. Overall, the RE9 Advanced for Men skin-care line was a four out of five stars.

Arbonne truly does have some amazing products. Some of their best sellers include the makeup primer, the reformulated lip gloss, and the It’s a Long Story mascara.

I would highly recommend contacting Sheri Gessner, the lovely lady who gave me the chance to try out Arbonne’s amazing products. You can contact Sheri at for more information about Arbonne’s makeup and other products.

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