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Circa Waves Mesmerizes Emo’s crowd


Last Friday, U.K. indie rock band Circa Waves performed at Emo’s, opening for New York-based duo MS MR’s “How Does it Feel” tour. Circa Waves is promoting their recent album release, “Young Chasers,” which has been successful in the U.K and abroad.

Photos by Austin Sarich

Emo’s may be small but the venue can fit hundreds of people. It allows for a more intimate show with bands. Being the second to last act, a large audience had already gathered to listen to the amazing acts of the night.

After the stage crew finished setting up the stage, Circa Waves came out with their known simplistic style of dress: jeans and T-shirts. They started playing with a still audience now dancing to their music.

Having grown up in Austin, I am an avid indie music fan, and there are many things that I like about Circa Waves. First of all, Kieran Shuddall’s vocals are amazing live. He did not disappoint; his smooth and gentle vocals energized up the audience.


They performed many of their most popular and recent hits from “Young Chasers.” The album released in the U.S. 10 days ago, on Sept.18, via Virgin Records. This is actually their first studio album.

They also played their 2014 hit “Fossils,” one of my personal favorite songs.

Overall, their energy and youthful charisma was something that I enjoyed seeing. All the members were clearly having a good time. Even the drummer at one point, stood up on top of his drumset.

Circa Waves concluded their concert with their most popular hit “T-Shirt Weather.” The band got the audience to put their hands up and clap, certainly the perfect song to end their set with.

Having started in 2013, Circa Waves has grown to become a successful international band. I enjoyed seeing them and knowing Austin and Austinites, I’m pretty sure they will be back!

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