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Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2015: Highlights

I’m addicted to two things: Starbucks and comic cons. One of them comes easily. The other, not so often, at least, here in Texas. I’ve only attended three comic cons ever, all in Texas: Wizard World Austin Comic Con last year, Alamo City Comic Con last month, and now, Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. For the latter two cons, I attended as press.

Blog post by ChinLin Pan

Photos by Raymond Gilford

Fan Expo HQ holds comic cons in parts of Canada, in Dallas, and coming up, in Orlando, FL. Dallas Comic Con Fan Days is the second comic con that Fan Expo HQ held this year from Oct. 16-18 at the Irving Convention Center. Back in May 2015, it held Fan Expo Dallas (unfortunately, I was unable to attend).

Ashmore 04
Twin actors Shawn and Aaron Ashmore answer questions from fans at their panel at Dallas Comic Con.

Celebrity Q&A with Shawn and Aaron Ashmore

If you didn’t know that they were twins, now you do. It’s literally double the fun. Shawn Ashmore starred in the “X-Men” movies as Bobby Drake/Iceman. He also starred in the Fox cult drama “The Following” with Kevin Bacon; however, the show was cancelled after three seasons. Aaron Ashmore has starred in “Killjoys,” “Warehouse 13,” and “Smallville.”

“The people who don’t know we’re twins must think I never sleep, like ‘that Ashmore guy just works non-stop,'” Shawn said at the panel.

The Ashmore twins talked about playing in genre and non-genre roles, their earlier works, and what it’s like when fans mistake one for the other. Aaron explained that a fan once asked him to provide an ID to prove he wasn’t his twin.

They also revealed their favorite “X-Men” characters: for Shawn, it’s Nightcrawler and for Aaron, it’s Wolverine.

"Harry Potter"'s youngest Weasley Bonnie Wright came to Dallas Comic Con Fan Days as her first U.S. comic con.
“Harry Potter”‘s youngest Weasley Bonnie Wright came to Dallas Comic Con Fan Days as her first U.S. comic con.

Celebrity Q&A with Bonnie Wright

The Grand Ballroom of the Irving Convention Center was jampacked with Potterheads who came to see the youngest Weasley, Bonnie Wright. Fun fact: Dallas Comic Con is actually Wright’s first U.S. comic con appearance.

Wright talked about how her actor brothers would mess around with her behind the scenes while filming “Harry Potter.” “They definitely had their fun,” she said.

Wright enjoyed working with Mark Williams and Julie Walters, who played her parents Arthur and Molly Weasley. “Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were the bubbliest people to be around,” Wright said.

When asked if she could be another character in the “Harry Potter” universe, Wright said she’d like to be Hagrid.

Two stars from the hit Canadian fantasy sci-fi drama "Lost Girl"---Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer---answered spoiler-free questions at their panel on Sunday, Oct. 18.
Two stars from the hit Canadian fantasy sci-fi drama “Lost Girl”—Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer—answered spoiler-free questions at their panel on Sunday, Oct. 18.

Celebrity Q&A with “Lost Girl”’s Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer

The hit Canadian fantasy, sci-fi drama “Lost Girl” will wrap up its final, fifth season on Showcase (the show will air later on U.S.’s Syfy channel). Co-stars Anna Silk (Bo Dennis the unaligned succubus) and Zoie Palmer (Dr. Lauren) joined the guest lineup of Dallas Comic Con. At the panel, we learned of fun behind-the-scenes stories from these lovely and talented women.

Silk and Palmer spoke about their earlier roles pre-”Lost Girl.” “If a role is right, it’s the right thing to do,” Silk said.

Shippers of their characters’ relationship learned that the actors didn’t realize the “Doccubus” fan base would take off the way it did. Palmer also mentioned a time when they had to shoot a scene kissing: “In order to get that shot, we had to kiss for so long,” Palmer said.

When a fan asked Silk “who was the best kisser,” she replied that “everyone brought a little something to the table.”

Lastly, another fan asked the actors if they believe a spinoff could happen, and Silk replied, “They could easily create another show.”

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