Ariana Grande’s Focus Review

After a month of teasing, Ariana Grande has finally released her newest single “Focus” which is from her album Moonlight that is set to come out in 2016.

Finishing the song back in May, Grande has kept this song a huge secret from her fans for quite some time. Grande surprised her fans by having the song released on iTunes an hour before the original countdown was set for midnight on the 29th of October. The song quickly rose up to #3 on the iTunes charts within two hours after its release, and eventually landed the #2 spot, sitting between Adele’s “Hello” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” which were both released recently this month as well. The video was released an hour following the iTunes release, which got up to over 1 million views a few hours after its release on Vevo. There was a lot of talk about the mystery guy who sang the chorus on the song, which many fans did not like and said that ruined the song for them. It was announced on Friday at Ariana’s performance at the IHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles that the mysterious male vocals on the song were from Jamie Foxx.

I think the song was great and it brought out a new era for Grande’s music. It had that jazz pop style that makes you want to get up and dance. The music video was well done, the choreography was great, the props, wardrobe, it was a totally new scene for Ariana and her music. When listening to the song, it sounds amazing, up until the chorus where Jamie Foxx comes in. Normally, Foxx has a great voice, but there’s just something about the way he does his voice on this song that makes it unappealing.

With one single out from her upcoming album, fans are patiently awaiting for her album release and what her next single will be from the album. But until then, we will have to continue to be teased by Grande for her album. The “My Everything,” and Honeymoon era of Ariana Grande is behind her, and we can not wait to see what she has in store for fans in this new era of music.

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