A Cheat Sheet on the 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials

This weekend’s spectacle marked 50 years of getting together with friends and family (and playing Russian roulette with the potluck spread) to watch the Super Bowl. Whether you were watching for the football or Beyoncé’s–I mean Coldplay’s halftime performance–everyone and their mothers are still talking about one thing: the commercials.

We get it: it’s hard to pay attention for four hours and you probably got up to stretch your legs and argue with your roommate about who got the last hot wing. So, here is a cheat sheet on the five best SB50 commercials.

1. “Portraits” from Jeep

This was one of the few ads this year that dared to be simple instead of going for the shock factor (we’re looking at you Mountain Dew Kickstart and Doritos) and it could not have paid off better. The result is a humble black and white ode to Jeep’s history that is actually really beautiful. It ends with the fittingly touching tagline, “We don’t make Jeep. You do.”

2. “Ryanville” from Hyundai

This commercial is not only easy on the eyes; it’s also a masterful example of a plot that showcases the car’s features without distracting from the storyline. This spot was a perfect example of being cute without animals (we’ll get to the cute animals in a minute) and being funny without being stupid. And hey, if a company is going to shell out the big bucks for a celebrity endorsement, may as well feature them as over a dozen different characters, right? Here’s to hoping that next year Hyundai will return with Ryanville 2 featuring Gosling.

3. “Wiener Stampede” from Heinz Ketchup

As promised, here is a cute animal- themed ad that was high on the cuteness level and low on the extreme absurdity. Heinz obviously didn’t feel the need to be gimmicky and we are so thankful because this was the “awww”-inducing outcome. One can only hope we’ll be seeing an increase in ketchup, mustard and wiener dog costumes this Halloween.

4. “Text Talk” from No More

This year, the Super Bowl had over 111 million viewers. It’s so vital to get important messages like this out to the masses, and the simple yet powerful message of this ad really stuck. Text “NO MORE” to 94543 to learn more about how to help when you see warning signs of domestic violence.

5. “Defy Labels” from Mini USA

This powerful commercial dared to point out stereotypical labels, only to break them down fabulously. After watching it, there is a distinct feeling of wanting to blast Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” and it’s hard not to love anything that makes you feel like that.

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