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Vanessa Carlton live at The Parish

In support of her new album “Liberman,” Vanessa Carlton brought her winter 2016 tour to Austin on Jan. 30 at The Parish.

Seeing Vanessa Carlton for the first time was an amazing experience.  Her voice is amazing live, but it has definitely matured since her first recording of major hit “A Thousand Miles,” and the difference was very apparent.  However, it’s still that same voice of hers that makes her an outstanding live performer.

At the concert, Carlton performed some of her new songs off the “Liberman” album, including “House of Seven Swords,” “Willows,” and “Operator.  She also performed some of her classic songs, such as “White Houses” and the ever so popular “A Thousand Miles.”

Before playing “A Thousand Miles,” Carlton told an old story about when she was young and going to school. The audience really couldn’t quite figure out what song she was talking about due to her saying she was 14 at the time of the story that inspired the song. As she announced the song’s name, screams erupted from the crowd as fans grabbed out their phones to record the song on video.

Vanessa Carlton performed at The Parish on Jan. 30. / Photo by Joshua Guerra
Vanessa Carlton performed at The Parish on Jan. 30. / Photo by Joshua Guerra

Later in the show, she explained how her grandfather’s name was “Liberman” and that he was the inspiration behind the album’s name its music. She then spoke on her life; she discussed having a child, Stevie Nicks at her wedding and giving her life advice, and even said that someone should make a book on how to be a touring parent.

She ended her performance with “The Marching Line.” Before she performed the song, she talked about the tragic events that took place in Paris when the Bataclan Theatre had a mass shooting during the Eagles of Death Metal’s concert. She stated that she has freaked out a few times since then whenever she takes the stage to perform.

Hearing Carlton perform, you can tell she has kept her vocal cords healthy and absolutely loves being on stage. There wasn’t much room for movement on stage, since it was quite small and set up with a keyboard and mic stand, so everything was quite still during the performance.  Since The Parish is a smaller venue, the show was very intimate and personal, as fans were super close to her being in the front row.

The stage lighting was changing from green, pink, blue, and red shining down towards the back of Carlton. It wasn’t a crazy light show like other artists often have it, but that was because it was a laid back experience. This was my first time seeing Carlton perform so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I viewed it as quite relaxed.

Overall, the experience seeing her live for the first time was great. The energy from the crowd was as great as it could be and what I expected from a crowd full of Vanessa Carlton fans, especially during “A Thousand Miles.” Carlton finished up the U.S. leg of her tour with her last show being in North Carolina. She will embark her journey overseas starting in London on May 3.

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