3 Predictions About “Broad City” Season 3

It’s finally happening. The BFFs are back. America’s unlikely sweethearts Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are back with season three of “Broad City” tonight! But before we get into our wildest dreams for the new season, let’s take a look-back Abbi and Ilana’s antics from season two.

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Last season of “Broad City” began in the heat of summer, sans air conditioning, with Abbi hooking up with “male Stacy” (aka Seth Rogen). Although their fling is short-lived, the interesting pairing marked the start of a hilariously out-there Sophomore season. Abbi’s bigger moments involved finally hooking up with boy-next-door Jeremy, getting wine (and then moonshine) drunk with Kelly Ripa and taking a post-wisdom teeth surgery, Vicodin-fueled trip to Whole Foods with her stuffed animal pal named Bingo Bronson.

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The opening of season two for Ilana had her in the awkward position of being at her friend-with-benefits, Lincoln’s, birthday party without even realizing it was his birthday. She continues to ponder what she and Lincoln really are to each other in between some of the best parts of the season for Ilana: 1. We finally got to meet her parents (her mom didn’t disappoint as the older, but otherwise not more mature version of her daughter). 2. Ilana made the life-altering discovery that Abbi’s blackout drunk state creates an impressive, jazzy alter ego named Val. And 3. She hooks up with the hottest girl she has ever seen (played by Alia Shawkat) who Abbi later points out is her perfect doppelganger.

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As soon as season two ended, the anticipation ramped up for season three of arguably the most inventive, quality show on TV. Here are three predictions about what Abbi and Ilana will be up to in season three:

1. Abbi will put that mirror-breaking incident of last season behind her and be promoted to Trainer at Soulstice. Wouldn’t it be so satisfying to see Abbi excelling at her work passion? She has always been a trainer in our eyes, but I think this is the season where she officially trades in her Cleaner t-shirt for good.
2. Ilana will finally decide whether she and Lincoln should be together or just be friends. They have successfully managed their open relationship up until now, but this season will likely include a lot of banter on the subject between the two that results in a clear decision.
3. Abbi and Ilana will move in together. Abbie really needs to shake off Bevers (and his elusive girlfriend) and hopefully, Ilana would bring her lovable roommate Jaimé. Abbi and Ilana as roommates would be a comedic dream come true.

There is always a fear that shows that are surrounded by this much hype could disappoint, but with the dream team of Abbi and Ilana behind it, season three will likely be even more quotable, GIF-able and completely genius than ever. Watch the season premiere episode “Two Chainz” on Comedy Central tonight, Feb. 17 at 10/9c.

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