Top 5 New Hip-Hop songs

What’s up, y’all? If you’ve been keeping up with new music as of late, then you know hip-hop is on fire right now. It seems like, at this point, everyone is releasing something. Regardless, I sifted through pretty much everything mentionable. I’ve managed to choose five of the most lit recently released tracks!

Towkio feat. Vic Mensa – “GWM (Gang With Me)”

Towkio still remains a mystery for most hip-hop fans. He’s a young rapper who put out his first EP in 2014, then released his first mixtape entitled “Wav Theory” the next year. This young man continues to market himself as he further explodes onto the music scene. Ironically enough, little is also known about Vic Mensa, who’s just now starting to release more music after getting tons of recognition for his work on the newly remastered track “Wolves,” featured on Kanye West’s most recent project, “The Life Of Pablo” (more on that, later). Nonetheless, “GMW” does not disappoint the avid hip-hop enthusiast. Probably one of the toughest beats released so far this year, both artists spit verses about drugs and the typical lifestyle of a flashy rapper. After the first listen, expect to be left with a feeling of curiosity as these two talented, yet low-key, rappers collaborate to bring us an EDM/hip-hop banger that’s guaranteed to raise some eyebrows.  

Baauer, Pusha T, Future – “Kung Fu”

At this point in 2016, there’s absolutely no reason to not recognize these artists if you’re a hip-hop fan. Sure, Baauer technically isn’t hip-hop, but he did create “Harlem Shake,” which, as we all know, was a massive success in today’s popular culture. “Kung Fu” was the second released single off of Baauer’s highly anticipated debut album, “Aa,” and it’s a perfect example of the direction in which the rap industry is heading. Over the past few years especially, we’ve witnessed rappers slowly integrate EDM music into their beats, which completely amplifies the overall sound of the track. “Kung Fu” is simply about cooking and selling crack, so naturally, Baauer goes out and gets two of the hottest rappers out there with that reputation: Pusha T and Future. If you’re a Pusha fan like I am, this isn’t news to you. His music, dating all the way back to “Clipse,” has always been about cooking/distributing drugs. Additionally, if you’re a fan of Future, this isn’t shocking either, especially considering the names of his past project titles like “Dirty Sprite.” Together, these artists combine to create a track that would be appropriate to play anywhere; whether it’s at a club or you’re just hanging with your friends, you won’t be disappointed.

Vic Mensa, Skrillex – “No Chill”
Like I stated earlier, there’s still little to be known about Mensa. The single, most frustrating aspect about that is one thing—he’s extremely talented. Over the last couple years, he’s officially only released 4 songs, however, he’s been recently remastered into West’s “Wolves” off of “The Life of Pablo.” Mensa first appeared on “Wolves” back in 2015 when West debuted the song during a performance on Saturday Night Live. Ever since, the people have been dying for a CDQ release, which we didn’t actually get up until recently. Mensa provides a beautifully sung verse enriched with creative harmony that’s guaranteed to be heaven to your ears. Being one of West’s prodigies, Mensa hails from the same neighborhood ‘Ye grew up in, which only sparks interest about this kid’s potential. Needless to say, Mensa gives us everything we need to hear. “No Chill” is the first official single off his long awaited debut album, “Traffic,” and he simply just brings the heat on this one. Produced by Jahlil Beats & Skrillex, Mensa raps about his experience with the Tokyo nightlife.

Alex Wiley, Calez, Chance The Rapper – “Navigator Truck”

I’m gonna be completely honest here, but once I came across this track, I had no idea who Alex Wiley or Calez were. After doing some research of my own, I can safely say that I’m glad I discovered this hidden gem. Wiley is a 19-year-old Chicago rapper who is just now getting his first taste of the music scene. He has only released a couple mixtapes over the last two years, but even so, his work ethic is apparent and that’s why he’s gaining attention. His mixtapes are almost on the same level as an actual album, which, in today’s society, is not something to take lightly. Calez, in comparison, is on the same path as Wiley. Also a young, Chicago emcee, Calez has been releasing mixtapes for quite some time. The big difference, however, between the two is that Calez is more established in the industry. As Jadakiss’ co-signee, Calez’s most recent mixtape features production from artists such as UG and Flosstradamus. “Navigator Truck,” although an incredibly simple song, stands out because of the harmony. Sure, the beat is dope, but the lyrics are rather dull and will be disappointing if you’re expecting to hear straight bars. Nonetheless, Chance The Rapper’s verse is so odd, so different, that you can’t help yourself from putting this one on repeat for the day.

Hundred Waters ft. Chance The Rapper, Moses Sumney, Robin Hannibal – “Show Me Love” (Skrillex Remix)

This track technically isn’t hip-hop, per se, however, I had to put this song on the list because it’s not everyday you hear that type of sound produced into this remix. Originally a song by Hundred Waters, Chance and Moses teamed up with Skrillex and ended up giving us a remix that is nothing short of noteworthy as the artists proceed to rap about positivity and the better things in life. In a world dominated by music promoting drugs, partying and crime, new age hip-hop leader Chance The Rapper gives us everything that fans would expect to hear. Chance is a man of many talents and is able to bring something that is rather difficult to find in today’s hip-hop scene—his positivity. Like I mentioned earlier, with artists such as Vince Staples, Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Rocky (who all rap about money and drugs), Chance always sounds uplifting. Even if you’ve never heard his music before, it’s impossible to not distinguish his gospel roots.

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