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Top 10 Shows and Films Coming to Netflix

Out with the old and in with the new. Starting this month, Netflix will premiere TV shows and films that we have come to love, dislike or caught our interests. Here’s a list of my top ten shows and films to keep an eye out in May.

“Grace and Frankie,” season 2

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as Grace and Frankie, who had been rivals for as long as they can remember. The rivalry ends when they find out that their husbands are leaving them — for each other.  After the drama that occurred on the season one finale, season two might start with Grace changing her mind on an event that made life much complicated. This season of “Grace and Frankie” will have the humor that its fans have fallen in love with as well as the twists and turns that will keep everyone binge watching into the middle of the night. The show also stars “The West Wing” actor Martin Sheen, as Tomlin’s on-screen husband who plays Grace’s husband, Robert, and Sam Waterston, Fonda’s co-star from “The Newsroom,” who plays Frankie’s husband, Sol. Season two premieres May 6.

“Bring It On” series


I will not lie. I love the “Bring It On” series. Even though the more recent sequels could have been so much better, my inner cheerleader did a cartwheel when I found out that Netflix would be streaming the series. The streaming giant will have the original, “Bring It On,” starring Kirsten Dunst, and “Bring It On: All or Nothing,” starring Hayden Panettiere. From cool cheerleading moves and beats to love drama and catchy sayings, the series makes a great girl’s night film. Both films premiered on May 1.

“Sixteen Candles”

When I first saw “Sixteen Candles,” I had hoped that my 16th birthday would not be nearly as bad as Samantha Baker’s birthday. Samantha, who wanted a special 16th birthday, suffers from every embarrassing situation possible. Molly Ringwald, who plays Samantha, pulls our heartstrings on this teen classic that you will want to rewatch this movie over and over again. You can’t get tired of the classics. As of May 1, the film is available on Netflix.


Not much is known of Chelsea Handler’s new talk show, “Chelsea.” If it’s anything like her E! show, “Chelsea Lately” and her Netflix documentary series, “Chelsea Does…,” we will not be disappointed. The show premieres May 11.

“Lady Dynamite”

“Lady Dynamite” is an upcoming comedy series starring Maria Bamford.Lady Dynamite” will be a mockumentary based on Bamford’s life. The episodes will feature times of Bamford’s life where she loses and finds “her shit.” The show is expect to have Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, Adam Pally, Patton Oswalt, Ana Gasteyer, Jenny Slate, June Diane Raphael, Mira Sorvino, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, Jon Cryer and Bridget Everett as guests. Season one premieres May 20.

“Bloodline,” season 2

“Bloodline” is about a family of adults who find that their past secrets and scars are revealed when their brother returns home. The thriller-drama has received positive reviews, with some naming the show one of the best shows on Netflix. Let’s just say that I will be rewatching the series when season 2 comes out on May 27.

“Just Friends”

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Before “Deadpool,” Ryan Reynolds stole my heart as Chris Brander on “Just Friends.” The film is about Brander who is in love with his high school best friend, Jamie Palamino, played by Amy Smart. The film, which premiered in 2005, will keep anyone on their toes and make you fall in love with Ryan Reynolds again. Plus, Anna Faris is in this film. She does not disappoint. The film is available on Netflix as of May 1.

“The Nutty Professor”



The 1996 romantic comedy stars Eddie Murphy as an obese scientist Sherman Klump. He invents a miraculous weight-loss solution. Even though Klump loses over 200 pounds, he develops side effects that include a second personality: an obnoxiously self-assertive braggart who calls himself Buddy Love. “The Nutty Professor” is a hilarious #throwbackthursday film to watch. The film premiered on May 1.


Our favorite childhood series by R.L. Stine became a fantasy horror comedy film which combines live action and computer animation. Even though the novels gave us goosebumps, the film does a phenomenal job with jokes and making it family friendly. This is the perfect film to watch with siblings and pass on amazingness that is “Goosebumps.” The film got a 77 percent on Rotten Tomatoes so save yourself a trip to Redbox and get ready to live our childhood. The film premieres May 11.

“Eisenstein in Guanajuato”


Although the film did not receive many positive films, I still enjoyed it. The film centers on Sergei Eisenstein, played by Elmer Bäck, who travels to Mexico to shoot his new film after being shunned by Hollywood. Eisenstein, a creative genius, faces his desires and fears of love, sex and death. It is an interesting, bold piece that must be watched once to be understood. The film is not for everyone and is not rated. The film premieres May 10.

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