20 Things To Love about “Charmed”

Saturday May 21, 2016 marked the 10-year anniversary since the series finale of the classic supernatural drama “Charmed.” Let that sink in for a second, especially if you’re an avid “Charmed” fan like me and, to this day, religiously binge-watch it on Netflix.

Article by ChinLin Pan and gifs courtesy of Giphy.com

“Charmed” aired from 1998-2016 and was dubbed as the first primetime series about a coven of sister witches. As a tribute, here are 20 things, in no particular order, to love about “Charmed.”

1) Prue’s ass-kickin’ attitude

Prue astral projecting

2) All ‘dem orbs!

Paige orbing

3) Every time Piper used her powers

Piper's powers

4) Piper’s humor

Piper talking to Lady Godiva

5) When Paige went to the 1960s and met HIPPY LEO


6) Piper and Leo’s love

Piper and Leo

Piper and Leo 3

7) Phoebe and Cole’s love (well, while it lasted)

Phoebe and Cole

8) When Paige and Phoebe conjured Mr. Right for Piper’s birthday


9) When the girls lost their senses and were trying to communicate with each other


10) When Drake showed up to convince Phoebe to believe in love again

Phoebe and Drake dancing

11) When Charisma Carpenter guest starred as Kyra the Seer

Charisma Carpenter as Kyra

12) When Paige showed up and the Charmed Ones reconstituted

Charmed Ones reconstituted

13) Whenever the sisters gathered in the attic to perform a spell together

Sisters in attic to cast spell

14) Shannen Doherty’s epic performance in “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Prue in All Hell Breaks Loose

15) When the girls became superheroes for an episode

Piper superhero

16) When Prue was undercover as Ms. Doubtfire

Prue Ms Doubtfire

17) The girls’ fashion sense


18) Sisterly love

Piper Phoebe Paige S4

Prue Piper Phoebe S2

19) Leo’s undying support for the Charmed Ones


20) The opening credits and Love Spit Love’s “How Soon is Now?”

Opening credits

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