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ATX Sketch Fest 2016: Tuesday Recap

ATX Sketch Fest continued onto its second night at Coldtowne Theater. The Tuesday night line-up featured two shows, with acts from Sam Harter, Jeff Whitaker, Emma Holder, comedic rap duo Vanilla Presley, The Con, and Pendulum.

Sam Harter

Harter kicked off the night with his stand-up to warm up the crowd. He started off with a weed joke but I’d have to say my favorite was his bit about meeting a girl over Tinder and how this girl loved to talk dirty talk, but absolutely sucked at it.

Jeff Whitaker’s “I’m Not Mad”

Whitaker took on four personas in his act and two of those characters stood out to me. One persona was of a guy who gave tips on dating: get on all the apps, when to text the girl, and choosing the best profile pictures. The other persona was of Ronnie Carmichael who had anxiety and advocated it as a weight-loss program in stressful situations, such as line-cutting, family dinners, and not-suitable-for-work photos/videos/media.

Emma Holder’s “Kennedy Women”

Holder’s “Kennedy Women” was a hoot. Shout-out to Holder for the unique spins on Jackie Kennedy, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, and JFK. Jackie was a standup. Rose was a Guardian of the Night who spoke to her dead sons. Ethel was a celebrity mom. And JFK… He faked his own death and went into Witness Protection, living in anonymity in Florida where he continued to boast his good looks and hit on women at bars.

Vanilla Presley

Austin stand-up comics Pat Sirois and Lane Krarup make up Vanilla Presley, Austin’s comedic rap duo. These guys brought life back into the night after a 30-minute break in between the shows. They rapped songs about shitty parties and keeping Austin weird. They even closed out the night’s lineup with a song about turning 30 years old. I’d gladly buy a ticket to see them again!

The Con

Jonah Yohana, Dylan Garsee, James Fernandez, Sarah Gernsbacher, and Chris Villafano make up The Con. The group performs an act about a group that consists of a reporter who follows “a trio of big haired southern belles as they exhume the body of the recently deceased hottest man in town in order to keep him as a shared sex slave.”



Pendulum is one of Austin’s most experimental sketch comedy groups. Group members are Ian Townsend, Elizabeth Schantz, Emma Holder, Lily Roblin, Griffin May, Yola Lu, Aly Dixon, Peter Hofstad, Justin Soileau, Justin Dehn, Lauren Knutti, Judy Weinstein. Pendulum’s act consisted of several parts, and to be upfront, I wasn’t sure how everything tied together. However, I did enjoy the bit about the three guys who “transcended masculinity” and the bit about the two best friends, one of which who confessed to not having cancer to her friend who did have cancer.

ATX Sketch Fest is going strong. Five more nights of comedy left to go!

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