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ATX Sketch Fest 2016: Wednesday Recap

ATX Sketch Fest is about halfway over now. Where has the time gone?! Wednesday night’s lineup featured shows from Sara June, Cené, Bad Example, Magic By Death, and Patriarchy II: Fist of Extremism.

Sara June

Austin comedian Sara June hosts the first show and warms up the crowd with her own standup. She talks about imagining Christianity and Islam as teenage sisters from “The Carrie Diaries.” She goes on to mention cutting her hair off, Mulan-style, in college to stop guys from objectifying her, only to realize lesbians found her attractive. Also, dicks are like McDonald’s. They’re all the same. No, seriously, that’s what she said.

Cené’s “What Are You?”

Actress/writer/comedian Cené performed five sketches during her “What Are You?” act. My favorite was when she, in character as a dog, rapped. Cené was on point. I’d gladly check out more of her work in the future.

Bad Example

Austin sketch comedy group Bad Example—members are Jeff Whitaker, Stephanie Pace, Yamina Khouane, David Howe, Kelsey Rodgers, Lisa Friedrich, Roxy Castillo, John Buseman, Micheal Foulk—is known for its “high-energy, smart, irreverent style.” Out of the six sketches, the one with the dogs and the one with the three British students stood out to me the most.

Magic by Death

Hailing from Dallas is Magic by Death! Sarah Adams and Maggie Rieth are two lovely ladies who perform magical comedy sketches. As a fan of the magic genre, I loved this act. Watching Sarah and Maggie interact with audience members and perform magic tricks was a delight.

Patriarchy II: Fist of Extremism

This sketch group hails from New York City. Members are Katie Sicking, Tiara Francis, Patrick Grizzard, Brian Mitchell, Matt Harkins, Emma Noble, and Nick Ramirez. Their political and satirical acts tonight touched on women’s rights (such as the right to getting abortions and affordable birth control), the ignorance of men understanding the female reproductive system, and sex.

There are only four more nights left for ATX Sketch Fest. Don’t miss out on the fun.

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