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Space City Comic Con 2016: Friday Recap

Despite the rainy weather in Houston last Friday, Space City Comic Con kicked off to a great start. Being at NRG Center for the first time, I applaud the convention runners for spreading out the booths and celebrity autograph tables. Ample space to walk and take photos of fantastic cosplayers. I attended three panels in the afternoon.

Recap and photos by ChinLin Pan

Game of Thrones: Sinners and Sparrows with Esme Bianco and Eugene Simon


When asked about what George R.R. Martin is like, Bianco said, “he’s like a dirty Santa Claus.” Nice. Bianco and Simon shared hilarious anecdotes behind the scenes with their cast members and spoke about how they approached the development of their characters. Also, if “Game of Thrones” had its own theme park, Simon said, “you wouldn’t come out of it alive.” Sad, but true. Ha!

Doctor Who Classic Colin Baker and Julian Glover


Baker and Glover were a hoot to watch and listen to. (Disclaimer: I haven’t seen “Doctor Who.”) Baker made me laugh so much for his Q&A that my stomach was starting to hurt. Glover may have showed up a tad late, but hearing him talk about his acting experiences was delightful. When asked, they both agreed that there should be a female Doctor Who.

Women of Sci-Fi: Gigi Edgley, Virginia Hey, Marina Sirtis, Eve Myles, and Adrienne Wilkinson

This panel was PACKED. But out of all the wonderful ladies for this panel, Eve Myles hooked me in. When a man asked a question, Myles mouthed “call me,” formed a heart with her hands, and proceeded to stand and gesture smacking the man’s butt. Why? Because she LOVED his Texas accent.

Exhibition hall

Like any good comic con, Space City exhibited a plethora of artists, vendors, and cosplay organizations. The celebrity autograph tables resided at the back next to the photo ops section. Also, NASA had a huge booth set up, as well as MerchCorps.

There was also a place where you could sit in the Jurassic Park jeep for a photo for only $10. Luckily, there were plenty of food options available. Some cons do not have many options for people to eat. Here at NRG Center, people could pick from pizza, salads, sandwiches, ice cream, lemonade, and at least three food trucks resided outside the center.

The giant huge space allowed for plenty of walking room for the massive crowd on Saturday. Friday’s crowd was light and spread-out.

Also, I found a booth—Solo Toy Cantina—that sold POP! figures for only $9. Score!

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