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Meet Boys Club, Austin’s newest boy band

Get pumped, Austinites. Your new favorite 21st century boy band is here and they’re just getting started. Boys Club band mates are Jim Hampton (vocals, bass), Bryan Rolli (vocals, guitar), Sam Limerick (guitar), and Danny Farrington (drums). Their first single “Back in Time” released two weeks ago on SoundCloud.

Photo by Tess Cagle
Photo by Tess Cagle

Introductions, please!

Jim: Howdy. My name’s Jim Hampton and I sing and play bass for the global superstars known as Boys Club. But to clarify, I barely play bass. I don’t own a bass at the moment. I’ve borrowed Danny’s roommate’s bass for literally six months. To anyone out there is reading this: SELL ME YOUR SHITTY BASS GUITAR. Besides that, I do lead vocals and I generally write the lyrics. Bryan and I co-front the band, which means we’ll inevitably get into a coked-out fistfight at the Grammys before slandering each other in the media while we push our lame side projects, but hopefully we’ll put out some decent music before we implode. I think Bryan would agree that I’m the Pete Doherty and he’s Carl Barat, so you can draw your own conclusions from that.

Bryan: I’m Bryan, and I sing and play guitar in Boys Club. Before this, I was the lead singer and sole guitarist in a heavy metal band called The Last Remark. Splitting guitar and vocal duties is a big relief for me, and it makes the songwriting more democratic. I think a lot of aspects of college life are transient and fluid, so it’s nice to be able to pursue one common vision steadfastly with three other people who I trust as both friends and musicians. Also, playing music is the most productive and socially acceptable way to express your anguish when you’re otherwise expected to shut up and smile.

Sam: Sam Limerick here. I play guitar for this here rock band. Being in Boys Club means everything and nothing.

Danny:  Danny Farrington. I play drums in the band and that’s pretty much my only role.

Based on your Facebook page, I’m guessing you’re all “Seinfeld” fans. What’s the story behind the name “Boys Club”?

Jim: You’re right, all of us totally love “Seinfeld”! Naturally, we had to name the band Boys Club.

Bryan: Come on, any “Seinfeld” fan worth his/her salt knows all about Boys Club.

Sam: I’ve never seen “Seinfeld,” but even I know about “Boys Club!”

Danny: I’m a fan of “Seinfeld.” When my parents found out about our band name, they asked if it was referencing Seinfeld because they are big fans of the show too.

Photo by Tess Cagle
Photo by Tess Cagle

Tell me a bit about the concept of your music. You call it “guitar-based sadness,” “dad rock,” and “surf and roll.”

Jim: Bryan wants to be in Guns N Roses, Sam wants to be in Sleep, Danny wants to be in Periphery, and I want to be Carly Rae Jepsen. We have no clue if this is going to work. All of this is just a shot in the dark brought about by the facts that we all wanna write great music, whatever that means.

“Back In Time” released in mid-August. How was the process of producing your first single?

Jim: Our man Dawson Carroll was our producer and engineer! Look him up, y’all, he’s fantastic. He needed to record a band for a school project, and we were lucky enough to be in studio with him. It took us five hours to record that track, and even then we were still rushing to record vocals at the end of the day.

Bryan: I’m willing to assert that the recording process would’ve gone quicker if Sam and I hadn’t ducked out to go by caramel macchiatos.

Sam: I shouldn’t’ve come in hungover!

Danny: The hardest part was wanting to perfect every little thing but not being able to because of time constraints. Props to Dawson Carroll for recording for us.

Photo by Tess Cagle
Photo by Tess Cagle

Any local gigs coming up? Or can fans expect another single or an EP?

Bryan: We’re playing at Mohawk on Oct. 5 and we’re currently booking through the end of the year. We’re also going into the studio at the end of September to record an EP that will showcase not only our alternative/surf-rock side, but also our bleeding-heart emo tendencies and our knack for melodramatic power ballads.

If you had to choose one music artist–dead or alive–to perform with at an Austin music venue, who would it be, which venue, and why?

Jim: The ideal Boys Club show has us opening for PUP in a Waffle House. Together, I believe we can make this a reality.

Bryan: Foxy Shazam performing The Flamingo Trigger and Introducing in their entireties at Mohawk, because I’m trash and I want to scream the opening to “Across the Golden Fields” in front of 1,000 psychos who love that band as much as I do.

Sam: I’d say open for Beach Boys at Austin360 Amphitheater, for two reasons. 1) Exposure. 2) Boys Club is the ideal boy band for the 21st century. Pass me that torch, Brian Wilson.

Danny: I’d want to play a with Chad Smith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Can’t Stop” was one of the first songs I learned on drums so it would be cool to play it with them.

You can follow Boys Club on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Don’t forget to follow Shuffle Online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @ShuffleOnline to learn more about rising music artists!

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