UK band Everywhere releases sophomore EP “Fiction Act”

Everywhere kicked off its debut album “Some Other Dude” earlier this year over the summer, and now the UK alternative rock band is back with its sophomore EP “Fiction Act” to release Friday, Dec. 9. You can learn more about Everywhere from our first interview here

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The band members are Max Berga (lead vocals), Joe Sanders (bass), Joe Bates (keys), Boris Braun (drums), and Hugo Hadji (guitar). We had the chance to interview Berga and Sanders via email about “Fiction Act.”

Interview questions by ChinLin Pan

“Some Other Dude” was a hit this past summer. Can you tell me more about “Fiction Act”?

Max: “Fiction Act” is an expansion of the sound we developed for the previous singles, It’s a collection of stories, mostly about lost love past lovers.

Joe: I agree, It sort of made sense to go with this type of sound, and move further into pop territory however let the guitars have a central role was essential.

What challenges did you come across while producing this EP? How was this process different from “Some Other Dude”?

Max: I would say the biggest challenge was to come up with the material. People usually assume that I wrote 4 songs and those were the ones that went on the EP, but the fact of the matter was that I had to write several dozens of tracks before being able to select the final line up.

Joe: I don’t think there is a possibility to make a distinction between the creation of “Some Other Dude” and the rest of the EP. The workflow is very much the same, with slight variations. Some tracks on the EP relied a lot on individual musical performance while others were more geared towards the production aspect.

everywhere-fiction-actWhat’s the concept behind the cover art of “Fiction Act”?

Max: All these relationships I sing about on the EP are kind of crippling at nature. I tried to think of something that would portray it, so I went out with my camera, snapped some pictures of the forest outside, then I basically put the camera on a tripod, pulled out a pair of handcuffs from the closet and took a photograph of my own hands. When I had put It all together in Photoshop it sort of dawned upon me that I had successfully managed to create an image reflecting the crippling feeling of all those crazy ex lovers.

You guys had your summer tour in the UK. Will you also tour in other countries in the foreseeable future?

Joe: The States would be amazing!

Max: We might go to South Korea as well, our label over there are seeing a great response to the music.


What’s currently on your Spotify playlist?

Joe: I’ll go with the classics, Led Zep, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd.

Max: “A.I” by One Republic featuring Peter Gabriel is a current favorite. I also dig “Waste A Moment” by Kings Of Leon. I just love that band and have ever since their debut.

If you had to pick one music artist–dead or alive–to go on tour with, who would it be and why?

Max: Once upon a time I would have answered Mozart but after revisiting Johnny Cash I must say that he would be the obvious choice.

Mark your calendar! UK fans can catch Everywhere performing at Proud Camden on Jan. 21, 2017 in Camden. Everyone can pre-order the EP on iTunes, which comes with the free download of the track “Heroine.”

You can follow Everywhere on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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