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New release from “Sherlock” manga series out in January

Image courtesy of Anime News Network
Image courtesy of Anime News Network

Titan Comics‘ newest manga series “Sherlock: The Blind Banker”–based off BBC’s “Sherlock”–will release next January. Like Titan Comics‘ previous manga series “Sherlock: A Study in Pink” released back in September, “Sherlock: The Blind Banker” will also release in six issues in English. The issues correspond with the manga’s serialization in Japan.

The manga series adapts BBC’s “Sherlock” series, where several “Doctor Who” scriptwriters such as Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Stephen Thompson take on literary author Arthur Conan Doyle’s brilliant yet idiosyncratic detective and re-imagines him in modern-day London. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star as Sherlock and his friend Dr. Watson. There have been three seasons of three 90-minute episodes, and a fourth season will air in two weeks.

According to Anime News Network, the artist “Jay.” drew the “Sherlock: A Study in Pink” manga in 2012, adapting the BBC show’s first episode, “A Study in Pink.” The second run of the manga adapted the second episode, “The Blind Banker,” in 2013. A third run adapted the third episode, “The Great Game,” beginning in December 2014. Titan Comics also has the rights to the third installment and plans to release it in a similar manner.

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