SXSW 2017: The Messy Truth with Van Jones

CNN host and commentator Van Jones spoke at South By Southwest (SXSW) the first weekend about current political events and the importance of understanding both liberals and conservatives’ points-of-view in order to come together and function fully as a democracy. Jones currently works on his CNN show, “The Messy Truth,” where he travels to conservative-leaning states to understand the political divide with the working class.

Jones is most recently known for “decoding” Donald Trump and his supporters in the past year and presidential election.

But the objective of Jones’s speech was not to decode Trump and his supporters, but rather urge both liberals and conservatives to understand and empathize each other. Jones points out that it is critical to do this for our future generations.

Jones starts talking about some of the Trump supporters he had met before.

During the presidential election campaigning, Jones persisted in telling his peers and colleagues that Donald Trump is not to be underestimated.

He explains the perspectives of the coal minersĀ and why it is important to try to understand their reasoning for supporting Trump.

Ultimately, Jones points out that we have all reached a point where we need to recognize that “something is wrong” and that it takes everyone in the country to pull their weight given the current political climate.

Jones speaks to liberals to recognize “the messy truth” about Trump’s presidency.

However, it is also crucial that we do more than resist, Jones says.

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