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SXSW 2017: Marc Jacobs talks fashion in the age of social media

As part of the Style track at SXSW Interactive, world renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs stopped by Austin for his panel with moderator Sally Singer, Creative Digital Director at Vogue. Jacobs dived deep into the discussion about his career, his use of social media, and his thoughts on the use of technology in current fashion trends.

Singer started the conversation by asking Jacobs how he felt about people using their phones (and social media) during his fashion shows. Also, because a lot of celebrities attend the fashion shows as well, people tend to pull out their phones to show off that they’re near celebrities.

Jacobs talks about how he combatted the issue of phone usage at his fashion shows. And it’s quite clever!

The idea of flipping the roles between the models and the audience helped Jacobs deal with the issue. That ought to teach anyone at a Marc Jacobs fashion show… Put the phone away. 😉

Singer moves and asks: “how has your fashion design process changed? What inspires you?”

Switching back to the topic of social media, Jacobs makes it clear that he was “anti-social media” in the past.

We totally get it, Marc. Embrace Instagram! It’s so much fun.

Our favorite #quoteoftheday. Thanks Marc!

Speaking from experience, I get giggly when my favorite TV actors reply a tweet or “like” an Instagram post, so Marc, you’re making plenty of fans happy on social media. =)

And just FYI… This is probably our favorite question an audience member asked. =P

Jacobs says it’s important for people, especially his social media followers, to note the difference between Marc Jacobs the brand and Marc Jacobs the person.

An audience member asks Jacobs about his thoughts on the integration of technology in fashion today.

Last but not least… What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

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