SXSW 2017: “Bingers & Time-Shifters: the future of TV marketing” panel

Did you know, according to a 2015 study, that of 16-34-year-old viewers with broadband, only 39% of the TV they watch in a typical week is live? More than 70% of millennials consume TV series through a streaming platform. The streaming marketplace is proliferating, streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube Red, to name a few. There’s more content to consume than ever before from both traditional networks and digital platforms.

At the “Bingers and Time-Shifters: The Future of TV Marketing” panel at SXSW Interactive, panelists discussed how TV marketers adapt to reach the increasing population of viewers watching content on their own time and challenge what success looks like in this evolving TV landscape. Stephanie Gutierrez, associate director of social media at Trailer Park, moderated the panel with speakers Amy Shelby, VP of Digital Marketing at the CW Network, Melanie Shreffler, senior insights director at Cassandra, and Rick Eiserman, CEO of Engine Group North America and Trailer Park.

How has TV viewing changed in the past few years?

We know why people consume TV but how do they feel about the continually long lists of TV series they have yet to watch? Shreffler says this is called “entertainment debt.” With so much content out there, people are always accumulating “entertainment debt.”

What is the benefit of streaming platforms for network TV companies? Streaming platforms such as Netflix tend to release episodes by season. Shelby explained that while Netflix releases new seasons after they end, it helps to bring in new people who may become fans of the shows.

So what does the future of TV look like? How do marketers need to adapt?

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