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Austin’s Boys Club releases debut self-titled EP

In case you haven’t heard, Austinites, Boys Club dropped its debut EP! Yes, the wait is long over! Last September when we first spoke with the Boys Club guys—Jim Hampton (vocals, bass), Bryan Rolli (vocals, guitar), Sam Limerick (guitar), and Danny Farrington (drums)—they had just released their first single “Back in Time.” Now the self-titled EP contains five songs, including “Back in Time.”

This time around, we got hold of Bryan and Jim to talk about the EP.

You released your first single “Back in Time” last fall, and now having released your debut EP, what was the process like?

Bryan: The process was fairly simple. We tracked drums one afternoon in September, then came back in mid-October and recorded everything else in two days. We used a studio on a country road in Georgetown, so it felt nice to get out of Austin and concentrate exclusively on finishing the tracks.

Did you come across more challenges this time around?

Bryan: Time constraints always prove to be an issue when you’re recording. We originally planned to finish the whole EP in two days. Some scheduling conflicts arose and we got a third day, and thank God we did, because we still cut it down to the wire. Also, as Jim probably mentioned, he and I were both really sick and could barely talk, let alone sing. We only made it through our takes with a lot of hot tea, cough drops and Flonase.

Jim: The most difficult thing was recording all the parts as quickly as possible while still making everything sound polished. We were lucky enough to have an extra half day to record drums, but even after that, we were still at the studio from 10 a.m. to 11 at night on Sunday. I was also sick that weekend, so my vocals took a lot longer than I was hoping. We had to do a lot of takes just to get something usable. In the end, it turned out okay, though. Luke and Joey were great and really made everything sound perfect.

Boys Club performed at Forty Acres Fest at the UT Main Mall on April 1. / Photo credit: Tess Cagle

What were your favorite memories when you were producing the EP?

Bryan: The satisfaction of hearing the finished product played back at the end of the weekend. I’ve played in bands for the past seven years, and these songs are some of my proudest accomplishments. I wrote parts of “Blue Moon” and “Faster” in my head while driving on I-35 a year-and-a-half ago. It was beautiful to hear all four of us communicate and effectively bring our ideas to fruition.

Jim: I loved how much it felt like real work. We play music because it’s fun and we like hanging out together, but the focus necessary to get everything how we wanted it to sound was definitely my favorite part. I rarely get to dedicate an entire day to music, much less an entire weekend, so it was a lot of fun to put in so many hours like that.

Any fun anecdotes to share from behind the scenes?

Bryan: We went to HEB one day and Sam got some tasty prosciutto and cheese rolls. That’s about it.

Your EP is self-titled. Why is that? Was it difficult for you guys to decide on a title?

Bryan: We originally wanted to call it “Self Titled,” literally, but once word got out about that, our friends roasted us mercilessly. In the end, we figured “Boys Club” was sufficient, as these songs reflect who we are as people and musicians. Nothing else came to mind immediately, which to me is always a good indicator to go with a self-titled release.

Jim: Nah, we talked about what to call this a couple times, but I think we knew that we’d end up calling it “Boys Club” in the end. We had a joke that we were going to end up calling it “Self-Titled,” but when it came time to actually release it, we were so excited about it

Boys Club is performing Saturday May 6 at the Empire Control Room & Garage. See the Facebook event for ticket information here

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