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Top 6 Trending Spring Cosmetics Shades

After New York Fashion Week ended, the color experts at the Pantone Color Institute came out with their list of the trending colors for this spring season. While these hues are already seen in large and small retail businesses, it can be a bit more of a challenge to find these seasonal shades translated into cosmetics. Below is guide for how to incorporate this season’s trending colors into your beauty arsenal.

Pink Yarrow (Pantone 17-2034)

Photo by Marisa Martinez

This bright pink is quite simple to incorporate into your everyday beauty routine. If you want to go for a subtle look, a blush in this shade is the perfect way to go. Because it’s a subtle product, even in dark shades it can add a pop of color without drawing too much attention. e.l.f.’s blush palette contains this shade as well as three other fun spring shades that can be worn alone or mixed together. For those feeling a little more bold, this color makes a great lip shade. Revlon’s ultra HD matte lipcolor in the shade “addiction” does the trick. Despite its brightness, a lip like this one pairs well with both understated and bright colors.

Flame (Pantone 14-1462)

Photo credit: Deviant Art / Chanel Addiction

Flame is the epitome of bright orange and is not for the faint of heart. This color can also be found in the e.l.f. blush palette and in many different lip color collections. E.l.f.’s palette can also be used for contouring and highlighting. Adding orange to your contour or highlight is sure to create an original yet bold look! Sephora’s cream lip stain in the shade “mandarin muse” and rouge lip tint in “orange” are some great lip products in this hot shade.

Primrose Yellow (Pantone 13-0755)

Photo credit: Flickr/ kuuipo1207 Frantastic Makeup

It’s no surprise that the traditional sunshine yellow made it into this year’s trending colors for spring. Primrose Yellow is a deep, almost golden yellow. It’s not dark enough to be gold, but not bright enough to hurt your eyes. Yellow gold eyeshadow is a fun way to add a little yellow to your beauty routine. While yellow is not as neutral of a shade as gold, the color manages to blend quite nicely with the natural brightness in skin tones, while still making a statement. Kylie Jenner’s kyshadow from her holiday collection in the shade “yellow gold” is the perfect way to try this look out. However, since that shade is no longer available on her site, Maybelline 24-hour color tattoo shadow in the shade “bold gold” is a great substitute for achieving this look without Kylie’s product. Nyx’s hot singles eyeshadow collection also contains a pressed powder shadow in the shade “STFU” that incorporates primrose yellow in a much more bold way.

Kale (Pantone 18-0107)

Photo by Marisa Martinez

It’s no secret that this military green is a trending color this season. Many large clothing retailers such as Old Navy and Forever 21 have begun carrying different items in the shade for their spring collections. Adding this color to your makeup collection is all about the eyes. Too Faced’s peach palette has a shade titled “bless her heart” that is a shimmery pressed-powder version of Kale. This particular shadow can be patted down gently for a subtle look or applied more generously for a bold eye.

Pale Dogwood (Pantone 13-1404) and Hazelnut (Pantone 14-1315)

Photo credit: Flickr / kuuipo1207 Frantastic Makeup

It’s not all brights this season, two neutral tones made the list this year. Hazelnut, a light beige, and Pale Dogwood, a light pink, are in this season. Although these particular colors don’t make the same statement that colors like Flame and Pink Yarrow do, their neutral nature opens up possibilities in where they can be found in cosmetics. Just about any nude palette you can get your hands on will contain these shades in either matte or shimmer finishes. Maybelline’s blushed nudes eyeshadow palette and color sensational lipsticks have products in both shades.

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