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What You Should Check Out on Netflix this month

Sometimes, it’s really hard to find good content on Netflix. I’ve wasted hours trying to find the perfect fit. Many times, I’ve given up after frustration. However, Netflix has recently added a bunch of content to its collection that will make it easier to find good material.

Article by Sarita Muley

While most publicity has gone to the new seasons of its original programming (Netflix just released new seasons for “Master of None,” “Bloodline,” and “House of Cards”),  viewers should also take note of other content on the platform.  Here are recommendations of recent movies/TV shows that Netflix has added that is worth your watch:

Comedy special: “Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King”

Photo credit: Netflix

This Netflix produced-comedy special, featuring Daily Show Correspondent Hasan Minhaj, is funny, but also a raw look into what it’s like to be a South Asian Muslim in America. Hasan tells stories of his childhood with humor but also makes social commentary along the way that fits in without dampening the mood.  I was laughing the whole time. As a South Asian myself, I appreciated that Netflix gave Hasan the platform to a community that is just starting to get more visibility in Hollywood. What I loved most about this special was Hasan used his native language (Urdu) multiple times. You don’t often hear a South Asian language integrated into mainstream entertainment, so it was refreshing to see this. I also appreciated how Netflix cameras followed Hasan during the comedic special. The camera angles were different from what you normally see in stand-up comedies and made you feel like you were sitting right there with Hasan.

TV show: “Riverdale”

Photo credit: The CW

This show was consistently the number one topic on my Twitter feed every week.  I honestly felt that I was the only not watching the show based on how many  tweets I saw. The series is based on the classic Archie comic series but has a darker twist similar to how Netflix adapted the “Anne of Green Gables” series.  Some of the characters have been adapted to more modern storytelling /realities. The show’s season finale just aired a few weeks ago. However, since CW and Netflix have a streaming deal, Netflix is able to air the CW series’ episodes eight days after the season finale.

Movie: The Break Up

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Everyone remembers the tabloid stories about this movie during it’s filming; the movie is about a relationship breakup, and features Jennifer Aniston, who had just split from Brad Pitt at this time. However, I wonder how many people actually watched this movie. Regardless of how well it did at the box office, I enjoyed this movie for the mere fact that accurately reflects arguments couples experience throughout their relationship. The movie doesn’t try to paint a happy picture like many romantic comedies do.  While the movie is supposed to be a comedy, the undertones show the often sad reality of long-term relationships. If you appreciate more grounded but enjoyable movies, I highly recommend this one.

Netflix original series: “Anne with an E”

Photo credit: Netflix

“Anne with An E” is another Netflix produced series that is based on the “Anne of Green Gables” book series written by L.M. Montgomery. The series features thirteen year old Anne Shirley, a smart, imaginative, and talkative orphan. She comes to live with an older brother and sister at their house, Green Gables, and brings a whole lot of charming adventures and foolish incidences. Her adventures kept millions and millions of readers entertained since the books were published in 1900s.  Netflix had a hard task ahead of itself in adapting the series given the popularity of the Anne of Green Gables movies in the early 1980s (if you haven’t seen that, I highly recommend those).  However, they’ve managed to take a different spin than this movie series- and even the book series- by going a little bit deeper into some of Anne Shirley’s experiences prior to her adoption. Even if you are a fan of the original book series and movies, it’s always worth a shot to get a new perspective and fresh take on the series.   


Netflix original series: season 3 of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Photo credit: Netflix

Sometimes, all you want is a good laugh but with smart dialogue. That’s what you get with “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”  In addition to a host of other series, Netflix also recently released the third season of “Kimmy.” What makes this show fun to watch is every character in the series is quirky. Every character has an unusual characteristic. The best character in this show has to be Kimmy’s roommate, Titus.  He has some of the best written lines of the show. Anytime I see Pinot Noir on the wine list, I always think of Titus’s music video of a similar name. For weeks, I was singing the lyrics to that music video when I first watched it (in season 1).

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