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Review: Republic Nail Frida Kahlo Collection

Mexican beauty company Republic Nail recently came out with a Frida Kahlo collection of not only nail polishes, but also lipsticks and various other products. However, word got out that the lipsticks and nail polishes are available exclusively at CVS. There’s one catch, though, you won’t find them in the beauty department.

Review by Marisa Martinez

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Remember those stands of little lip balms and tiny shampoos you fail to resist when waiting to check out? Well, look a little harder and you might find the new line of products there. Disclaimer: not every CVS has a “beauty on the go” section, in which case you may have to visit a few CVS locations before you can get your hands on some Frida-inspired cosmetics.

It has also been reported that Republic Nail is releasing full sets (containing 1 nail polish and 1 lipstick) of the new line. But, after scouring pretty much every CVS in sight, it’s safe to say these sets are the unicorns of these coveted products. I have probably visited close to a dozen CVS stories in three cities and have yet to see one.

If you want to hold out on purchasing the nail polishes and lipsticks individually to see if a color you like comes in a set, you can tell which colors come together in the sets by the design they come with. Each product has a Frida Kahlo design on it, and the products that complement each other will have the same design. For example, the tube of lipstick and bottle of nail polish that both have the hummingbird on them will come together as a set.

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Every lip product has its complementary nail product and vice versa. Both lipsticks and nail polishes come in 12 shades each, ranging from bright pinks and reds, to mauve and brown.

While the Republic Nail website does show all shades that are available, their corresponding designs on the site are known to not match up once sold in stores. This is especially important when it comes to the lipsticks, since it is not as easy to see the color inside like it is for see-through jars of nail polish.

For example, the “La Vida” design on the website is paired with a bright pink lip. However, every CVS that I have visited uses that design for the shade “Viva,” which is a bright orange red. So, be sure to read the name of the shade you are purchasing and look at the preview on the bottom of the tube to ensure you are paying for what you want.

The time between when I found out these existed and when I bought some (or four) at my local CVS was pretty much instantaneous, so with that said, here’s a review of the four products I have purchased.

Since word had just gotten out about them when I went, I had a quite a few to choose from. There were about five colors of nail polish available and about six shades of the lipstick. After about twenty minutes of browsing (they’re about $8 each, so you can easily spend over $20 on a few of each) I decided to purchase the lipstick in the shade “Calibri” (Spanish for hummingbird). I didn’t see any color names on the nail polish jars so I got a bright fuschia pink, bright candy apple red and a nude beige color.

Calibri was definitely not what I had expected looking at the color that was stamped on the bottom of the tube in the store. What appeared to be a deep brownish red in the store, was a quite sheer and semi-metallic light brown. With some more muted tones it looked pretty cool, but overall it looked a bit too transparent and understated for my style. I like a rich color payoff and this wasn’t it, it also wiped off fairly easily. However, it didn’t smudge so I could take comfort in the fact that I wouldn’t look like a clown each time it faded.

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The nail polishes were a completely different story. Both the red and pink appeared just as pigmented and bright as they did in the bottle! Something I’ve honestly never seen in any nail polish that I’ve tried. Sure, I’ve tried “good” nail polish before, but it’s never appeared the exact same as it does when it’s in the bottle. These two colors are absolutely beautiful and I would recommend them to anyone.

Overall for a collection that is promoting a celebrity, the products are pretty decent on their own and I would definitely love to buy more if I am lucky enough to come across any again.

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